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Prerequisite Coursework
To assist determining whether or not prerequisite courses have been completed, Roseman College of Nursing has created the College of Nursing Prerequisite Worksheet (PDF). We highly recommend that you use this tool to determine which prerequisites you have completed and which you still need to take to fulfill the requirements for acceptance into the program.

The College of Nursing requires the following prerequisite coursework (as well as associated credit hours) be completed prior to entry in the Roseman BSN program:

CourseCredit Hours
Chemistry or Biochemistry with lab 4
Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II with labs 8
Microbiology with lab 4
English Composition 6
Humanities 9
Introductory, General or Lifespan Psychology 3
Introductory or General Sociology 3
Statistics 3
Fundamentals of College Mathematics or higher 3
Elective Up to 12
Nevada Campus Students ONLY: U.S. and Nevada Constitution Requirement - must be completed prior to enrolling in block 13.0 3
Utah Campus Students ONLY: U.S. Constitution Requirement - must be taken within the first year of the program



Coursework must be directed toward an academic program of study. Coursework earned in sports, physical fitness, band and dance activities (training courses) are not transferable.

Courses earned through an occupational, technical, certificate, or professional training capacities are not calculated in the last 60-credits GPA are not transferable.

Courses which are developmental or remedial are not calculated in the last 60-credit GPA are not transferable.

Credit by Examination credits will be accepted if the credit meets the minimum required score. Credit by examination coursework will be transferred as 3-credits and as a grade of “C.” Transfer of core nursing prerequisites is at the discretion of the College of Nursing.  

The College of Nursing may request a course description and/or syllabus to determine the transferability or equivalency of a course.

Minimum GPA Requirements

The minimum GPA for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is 2.75 based on the required prerequisites.

Minimum TEAS Test Requirements
Minimum TEAS requirements are based on the National Program Means at the time the test was taken. Meeting the National Program Mean does not guarantee an interview or admissions into the program. Additional information may be obtained by visiting our TEAS section on our website.

Please note: Meeting minimum prerequisite, GPA and TEAS requirements does not guarantee admissions into the program. Applicants are reviewed by an Admissions Committee and in relation to the entire applicant pool at that time.

Transferring Credits
Questions regarding transfer of coursework may be sent to the College of Nursing via the College of Nursing Inquiry Form. Please indicate a full course description and the name of the institution. Transcript reviews are offered once an inquiry form is completed. Additional directions will be sent to the student upon receipt of an Inquiry Form.