Roseman University of Health Sciences (Roseman) Refund Policies on Tuition and Fees

Roseman Board of Trustees approves all policy related to tuition, fees and refunds. All fees are mandatory for each student and most are non-refundable, e.g. supplies, services and/or products that have been provided to the student.

Application Fees 

Application fees are nonrefundable for the following programs:

  • College of Dental Medicine – Henderson, NV (AEODO/MBA)
  • College of Dental Medicine – South Jordan, Utah (DMD)
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Nursing – (BSN, ABSN)
  • Master of Business Administration

Tuition Refund/Schedule Policy

Roseman has established a refund policy for all students who find it necessary to withdraw from the University.  Students who elect to withdraw or take a leave of absence during the academic year must submit prior written notification to the appropriate Academic Dean/Program Director according to the procedures specified in the Student Handbook for their program. Roseman may amend its institutional refund policy at any time, but any amendments will only be effective for academic years that begin following notice of the amendment. Any questions concerning the Roseman refund policy should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, if financial aid was obtained, otherwise the Bursar’s office.

If the student withdraws or takes a leave of absence up to the 60 percent point of the payment period, tuition will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. Based on the method of payment for tuition and fees, refunds will be made either to the student or Student Financial Aid Programs if the student is receiving federal loans and/or grants. Students receiving federal loans who withdraw during the academic year must arrange for an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office.

The following applies to all students:

Computer equipment is non-refundable.

Deposits are non-refundable.

If a student withdraws or is expelled by Roseman after the start of the training program before completing 60 percent or more of the enrollment period, Roseman shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of the tuition and refundable fees per payment agreement. Please note that some fees are not refundable at this point.

If a student withdraws or is expelled by Roseman University after the completion of more than 60% of the program, the student will not receive a refund.

For any student withdrawing from school who is receiving Tuition Assistance (TA) from the Department of Defense, the school will return any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided. TA funds will be earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds being returned based upon when a student stops attending school.

If a refund is owed, Roseman shall pay the refund to the person or entity who paid the tuition within 15 calendar days after the:

  1. Date of cancellation by student of his enrollment;
  2. Date of termination by the institution of the enrollment of a student;
  3. Last day of an authorized leave of absence if a student fails to return after the period of authorized absence; or
  4. Last day of attendance of a student, whichever is applicable (per NRS 394.449)

For the purposes of this refund policy:

  1. The period of a student’s attendance shall be measured from the first day of instruction as set forth in the registration/payment agreement through the student’s last day of actual attendance, regardless of absences
  2. The period of time for a training program is the period set forth in the registration and payment agreement;
  3. Tuition shall be calculated using the tuition and fees set forth in the payment agreement and does not include books, educational supplies or equipment that are listed separately from the tuition and fees (per NRS 394.449)


Withdrawal from the University
Return of Title IV Funds

Continuing Education Registration Fee (Pharmacy) 

CE registrants may cancel up to or equal to 10 days prior to the program; however, any cancellation will incur a 20% administrative fee.  Less than 10 days prior to the program, no refunds will be issued.