Tuition and Fees by program can be found on the Bursar’s page here. In addition to tuition and fees, there are indirect costs that a student incurs to pursue his/her education, which are not billed to Roseman University. These indirect costs are part of the cost of attendance and are based on estimates of the actual cost of living for our students. The most recent monthly cost of attendance estimates are below based on your living situation (i.e., off campus or with your parents).


Off CampusWith Parents

In addition, book costs for the BSN and MBA programs are estimated at $800 per academic year. All other programs either do not require outside book purchases or the costs are billed directly to the University and are available on the Bursar’s tuition and fees page. The monthly cost of attendance is the same for all programs. Most programs at Roseman University cover 10 months of the academic year, although some programs require attendance for the entire 12 months of the academic year. Logging in to the Financial Aid Portal will show the detailed cost of attendance for the academic year. Detailed cost of attendance by program is also available in the financial aid office.