Diplomas are not issued at the graduation ceremony.

An email will be sent to your Roseman student email address when diplomas are available (please be sure to check your Roseman student email after graduation for this information, or make arrangements to have your student email forwarded to an email address that you check regularly).

Each student will be required to respond with a confirmation of whether you prefer to pick up the diploma OR have it mailed to you before the Registrar/Student Services office will release the diploma.


  • The student’s legal name will appear on the diploma.
  • Only one diploma will be issued to each Roseman student.
  • If any student has a “hold” on his/her record, Roseman University will be unable to mail/issue the diploma until the hold is cleared.
  • Any requirements specified by your academic program that need to be completed as part of your academic standards of progress, will be honored by the Registrar/Student Services Office before a diploma will be issued.

For any questions about diplomas, please email diplomas@roseman.edu