Period of Coverage: August 1 – July 31

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is an option for students who have no other insurance and choose to enroll in a plan that meets the minimum insurance requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance to meet their needs; however, the insurance must meet the minimum program insurance requirements (link).
Note: This Student Health Insurance Plan is medical insurance only.

Plan Details 2016-2017 (link) August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017

Plan Details 2017-2018 (link) August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018

  • See short “Plan Snapshot” for Deductible amount, co-insurance cost, office visit copay, etc.
  • See long “Plan Brochure” for full insurance plan details.

Sponsored by: United Healthcare Student Resources
Plan: UHC Choice Plus (this is a PPO network)
Insurance Broker: Ascension Collegiate Solutions

For  benefits or claims questions, contact UnitedHealthCare Customer Service:
1-800-767-0700 or

For enrollment questions, contact Ascension Customer Service (be sure to also notify if you are planning to enroll mid-year due to involuntary loss of other coverage):
1-800-537-1777 or

For general insurance questions, email

2017-2018 SHIP Information Sheet – Admissions Packet (.pdf)

Included in each admissions packet to incoming students is a copy of the Roseman Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) sheet for the upcoming insurance year. This sheet provides the enrollment/waiver process, minimum insurance requirements, FYI’s and more! Find the document above for reference.

ID Cards

Temporary insurance ID cards are available within a week or two after your insurance effective date (first day of the month you begin classes or August 1, whichever comes first). To access your temporary ID card (and or request a permanent one), create a UHC online account (link).

  • Type in your First, Last Name, and Date of Birth.
  • Type in the personal email address you used to apply to Roseman.
  • If you successfully enter this information, continue to answer questions on next screens
  • If you receive an error, please call Ascension Customer Service at: 1-800-537-1777
  • Once you successfully create your account, login and click on the left navigation to “Access/Print My ID Card”
  • Print your temporary card for immediate use
  • If you would like a permanent card, you can request for one to be mailed to you; however, note the address we have on file for you. If this has changed, please complete a Contact Update Form (link) and submit it to the Registrar’s Office (submission options are on the form) so that your address can be updated with the University. Note on your request that you would like your address also updated with the Insurance Broker.

Immunizations Covered (link)

Note: Flu shots are covered by SHIP; however, note that how pharmacies code the billing of the flu shot may vary, sometimes they are coded as prescription benefits and sometimes as medical benefits for processing. If you are told that your student insurance does not cover the flu shot by a particular location, please call the customer service line on the back of your student insurance card so that UHCSR can assist that pharmacy with proper verification/billing. Also be sure you are utilizing an in-network pharmacy.

Discounts (link)

  • Discounts: UnitedHealth Allies (link)use UHC login credentials
    Find discounts on dental and vision services, fitness club memberships, smoking cessation programs, and more!

Roseman University Dental Discount Plan

Note: This is not part of the Student Health Insurance Plan.
All enrolled Roseman students (and student’s spouse/children) are automatically enrolled in the Student Dental Plan offered by the Roseman University College of Dental Medicine!