Roseman University of Health Sciences is approved to offer educational opportunities to veterans and their families. Students who are formally admitted to a program at Roseman may use their GI Bill® benefits.

Utilizing your VA Benefit at Roseman

For students which have used their benefit at previous institutions and received the tuition and fees up front and/or the benefit covered the majority of the costs, it is quite different at Roseman. Hopefully the following example will explain how and provide guidance for you in determining your financial needs.

Traditional schools have start and end dates in August and Dec for fall and Jan and May for spring. Since there are few start and end dates, tuition and fees are disbursed in one lump sum (i.e. Ch 33) at the beginning of the academic year. At Roseman due to the block schedule there are more start and end dates and therefore the tuition and fees must be broken down by credit hour and disbursed two weeks prior to each block. Confirmation the student showed up for the first day of the block must take place prior to release of the monies so there is no debt incurred. Essentially, Roseman per credit hour as compared to a traditional school is more and therefor the VA education benefit is used up before the end of the academic year. This means prospective students should understand that other financial means must be considered in order to cover costs. While the VA education benefit helps it does not cover all of the costs. This even means if the student is approved for Ch 33 at 100%.

Students who wish to utilize their benefit should provide the Student Services Office with (more information may be found here):

  • Declaration of Intent to Apply for VA Benefits Form (below)
  • Certificate of Eligibility or a copy of the page from their eBenefits account showing the chapter they will be using
  • Military Transcript (veterans only); if provided to the academic program please have them forward a copy to the Student Services Office

It is the student’s responsibility to understand how the benefit will be applied to their costs. Bursar and Financial Aid Offices are made aware of students which will be using this benefit provided the student has made initial contact with the Student Services Office.

At this time, Roseman does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon program.

It is important to know the VA academic year is August 1 through July 31. Therefore, when students exhaust the benefit for the academic year, they are not eligible again until August 1 of the next year. This is when other financial aid means kick in to cover costs. New students should expect to cover initial costs of student health insurance as well as the university issued IT equipment (iPad, laptop, etc).   If students will be waiving the student health insurance plan through the school, they should then plan to do so through the online waiver portal. Instructions should be in the admissions packet provided from the academic unit and further information will be provided by Student Services. Students must waive each academic year by the noted deadlines regardless if an approved waiver is already on file.

Chapter 31 students should ensure their counselor notes the university issued laptop as a covered cost on the 22-1905 to prevent from having to pay out of pocket on the day of orientation.

Scholarship Information:

If you intend to apply for a scholarship which indicates the monies must be used for tuition and fees only, this will affect your VA education benefit. VA pays last so that basically means if the scholarship covers 100% of your tuition and fee costs, then this may mean the only cost VA will cover will be any fees the scholarship doesn’t cover (i.e. iPad or laptop) and housing allowance/book stipend. It is recommended for students to notify the Certifying Official and Bursar ASAP to prevent a VA debt for any enrollment certifications which take place prior to finalists being announced by the scholarship program. Understand scholarships are handled through the Financial Aid Office and not by the Certifying Officials so they will not be able to answer questions pertaining to such these questions should be directed to your Financial Aid Advisor or the Bursar’s Office.

Angela Bigby is the Central Certification Officer for Roseman University Questions for her may be directed to:

If you have not applied or don’t know if you are eligible for VA benefits, please reference the GI Bill® website or call 1-888-442-4551.  Students may also login to their eBenefits account to obtain information equivalent to the Certificate of Eligibility to submit to the Student Services Office as listed in the GI Benefits checklist under Forms below.