Roseman Nursing Students and Faculty Respond to Crisis

Crisis Response

crisis response, Roseman UniversityResponding to the tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night, students from Roseman University’s Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) and Accelerated Bachelor of Science of Nursing (ABSN) were quickly mobilized to assist local hospitals caring for the injured.

Assistant Professor Sue Carrow, who sent out a call for student volunteers immediately following the horrific event said, “When I asked for volunteers, I thought I would get 20 or 30 students. I was overwhelmed with their response. I received more than 100 e-mails, phone calls and texts, well late into early morning on Monday for the crisis response.”

“On Monday morning, we had over 60 students assembled to help our inundated hospitals with crisis response,” said Dr. Midge Elkins, assistant dean of curriculum and assessment and assistant professor. “Twenty-four were assigned to MountainView Hospital, eight at Southern Hills and 16 at Sunrise. The remaining students were on call throughout the day to relieve their fellow students.”

crisis response, Roseman UniversityThe students, who weren’t assigned to clinical rotations for the day, served as volunteers throughout Monday to provide help with the crisis response. They took patient vital signs, answered call lights, changed beds and offered moral support to patients, which gave the hospital nurses more time to provide critical patient care. A group of students also purchased fruit baskets and snacks for the busy nurses at Sunrise Hospital.

“It didn’t matter what the student had planned for the day, they dropped everything to help out our healthcare community. It was wonderful,” said Elkins.

In addition to Elkins and Carrow, College of Nursing faculty Jenni McCann, Shanda Clark, Jackie Weiss, and Mercy Mott served alongside students.

“I am very proud of our faculty and students who volunteered their time to provide much-needed support to those affected by this tragedy,” said Dr. Brian Oxhorn, dean of Roseman University’s College of Nursing. “The unwavering dedication to the well-being of our community and the compassion demonstrated yesterday speaks to the high level of professionalism of both our students and faculty.”

Roseman University President Dr. Renee Coffman also offered praise. “I’m extremely proud of Roseman’s College of Nursing faculty and students who volunteered their time and talents in our community’s time of crisis. They are the embodiment of Roseman’s core values and have exemplified our mission of having a positive impact on the health and wellness of the communities we serve,” she said. “Their selfless acts were among the thousands of selfless acts seen throughout Southern Nevada and help create rays of hope and love around the cloud of loss felt in our community.”


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