Ashley Hinkle – DMD Class of 2023

“Active and Collaborative Learning is my favorite because so much can be learned from my colleagues taking the same class! Everyone learns differently, and it helps me to be able to fill in the spaces of my learning by talking to fellow colleagues! This learning style has helped me to grow more as a person and to become my best self! I’ve learned so much about those around me and how much of an impact other people can have on your life!”

What is Active & Collaborative Learning?

With our unique teaching method, the Roseman Univeresity Six-Point Mastery Learning Model®, professors become more of an educational facilitator than that of a lecturer, incorporating a wide variety of activities that include the opportunity for students to listen, read, hear, think, discuss, reflect upon, and study each area intently during a given class period through discussions, case presentations, simulations, role-playing, debates, group projects, and various other activities that encourage participation, foster student interest, and increase motivation. These accommodate varied learning styles and reinforce the concepts, knowledge, and application of the materials presented by the professors. The system also incorporates a team environment that mirrors today’s healthcare settings. Instead of students competing with their peers to achieve the highest grades, the learning environment encourages and requires cooperation, creating more competent professionals who can work collaboratively with others. This is just one piece of a comprehensive learning model students have the pleasure of experiencing while at Roseman University. Get Inside the Hexagon with Roseman students or learn more about the Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® by clicking below.


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