Ella Cruz – DMD Class of 2023

“I like not competing with my colleagues. Since everyone has their own strengths, I think it has made my class closer because we are able to help each other without the stress.”

What is Competency-Based Education?

Roseman University teaching method produces graduates that are competent, and to provide an educational environment that ensures high levels of achievement from all students. Most educational models determine student achievement based on norm-referenced exams and compare each student’s performance to that of his or her peers through a “curved” grading system with a passing grade set at around 70 percent. By contrast, at Roseman University, student competency is determined based on criterion-referenced assessment tools. We believe that all professionals, especially those in health care, should be required to demonstrate competence at a high level, which is why we require all students to achieve a score of 90 percent to “pass” every course. This is just one piece of a comprehensive learning model students have the pleasure of experiencing while at Roseman University. Get Inside the Hexagon with Roseman students or learn more about the Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® by clicking below.


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