Design Project Request Form

In order to assist the Communications Office with your design request, please fill out the design project brief below. The information provided will give Communications an understanding of your needs and will give the Art Director a starting point for the design. Please submit your request when you have collected or developed all information required to complete the project.

*Please note that what you provide Communications below is just a guide. The Communications Office reserves the right to edit to stay inline with the new brand guidelines.

If you have questions, please email

    Please provide the project's deadline date. The Communications Office will develop a project timeline. Items requiring external production require at least two weeks to complete once the final product proof has been approved and sent into production. Project Requests for large and externally produced projects must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the deadline. Please provide a specific date MM/DD/YYYY. ASAP is not an acceptable deadline.

    Provide information about the campaign, event, service or product. What background information is relevant, including previous campaigns? What do we need to know about your product or service for the current project?

    Goals need to be clearly defined because they will affect all other decisions on a project. What does the Unit ultimately want to accomplish with this project? Does the Unit want to increase awareness of college program, attract more donors, etc.? Does the Unit have a call to action? How will the Unit measure success? Having a concise objective provides a focus for the rest of the project roadmap.

    Who is the intended audience? This may include demographic information such as age, gender, education, or income level. Knowing your audience will shape the style and messaging of your project. Is this for recruiting students or for recruiting donors etc.?

    What are the key points that need to be said? What message needs to be conveyed to the target audience, and what is the best way to deliver it? Is there a specific call to action, phone number, website, contact person, email?

    Please describe your vision for the project. What type of visual imagery do you wish to communicate (i.e. students interacting, professor/student engagement, classroom, clinical setting)?

    Is this a flyer, ad, banner, invitation, apparel, swag? What are the dimensions? One-sided or double-sided? Black/white or color? Are any third-party sponsor logos required?

    Please upload any required assets (i.e. third-party or sponsor logos, documents of copy). Up to two files (max size 8MB each) may be uploaded. If your project as additional assets, please email them to and reference the project name.

    Will the Unit making request take care of its own printing? Does the Unit need Communications to provide printing quotes? Indicate if you would like the Communications office to facilitate printing and indicate quantity.(note: each Unit will still be responsible for printing costs).

    *If external production or materials are required, please provide billing code below. If no costs are associated with the project, please leave these fields blank.