The Final Push: 10 Habits to Prepare You for Post-Grad Life

You’ve studied hard, aced all of your exams (or most of them), and finally, graduation day is in sight. After completing your education at the Roseman University of Health Sciences, you’ll be fully prepared to take the next step in your career, whether that’s pursuing post-graduate education or entering the workforce. To make sure you’re… Read More

It Starts With a Vision: Our Mission at Roseman University

Dreams, life goals, personal and communal accomplishment — each of these things begins with a vision. This vision is of doing more, of improvement. Many people decide to attend an institution of higher learning as a part of seeing and acting upon a vision that they have for their lives. When designing a goal or… Read More

Statistical Software

They say you never really learn statistics until the time comes to analyze your own data.  Once you are faced with this situation, your first question will probably be What statistical test is appropriate for my data?  The second will most likely be, Now, how do I run this test? To help address the second… Read More

Campus Resources: How Roseman University Helps You Succeed

Success, for all people, comes in different forms. If you choose to go to (or already attend) Roseman University, it’s likely that success, for you, is defined in how well you can attend to the needs of others or facilitate assistance for members of your community. It’s likely that success, for you, is altruistic in… Read More

Tenacity & Hope for a Better Tomorrow for All

A Profile on Annette Logan-Parker, Roseman Commencement Speaker 2019 Life isn’t always fair. It deals us crippling blows. Many say that it is not just what happens to us, but rather how we deal with adversity, how we frame difficult circumstances and how we cope and move on. Annette Logan-Parker, CEO of Cure 4 The… Read More

Henderson Report – April 2019

Welcome to the April issue of spectRum. This month, many of our students are entering the final weeks of their educational journey at Roseman University before graduating in May. It’s an exciting time on the Henderson Campus. Spring is a time of rejuvenation. In nature, plants and trees are waking from their winter dormancy and… Read More

South Jordan Report – April 2019

Spring has officially arrived on the South Jordan Campus and our students and employees are busy preparing for year-end festivities and gearing up for Roseman’s 20th Anniversary year, which begins July 2019. On Thursday of last week, in honor of Women’s History Month, Roseman employees were invited to attend “Juggling Family and Work While Pursuing… Read More