Grant Writing, Part One

“Grant writing is like trying to sell a used car to a group of used car salesmen.”  This was the evocative, but apt, analogy used by Dr. Jon Sprague in his Zoom presentation to pharmacy faculty on December 3, 2020.  Dr. Sprague is currently the Director of Scientific Research for the Ohio Attorney General and… Read More

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

To one degree or another, all faculty have leadership responsibilities, whether that means classroom management, research supervision, or committee leadership. In a presentation given on November 11, 2020, Dr. Helen Park, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs in the Roseman College of Pharmacy, talked about the value emotional intelligence can play in being an… Read More

Getting the Writing Pipeline Flowing

Pharmacy writers seeking to improve their scholarly writing may have heard of the ever-expanding writing sprint called the #RXWritingChallenge. The #RXWritingChallenge is a 14-day challenge designed to encourage participants to dedicate 30 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, to writing. The aim of the challenge is to jump start or reinvigorate publication progress – whether… Read More

Are student evaluations of teaching (SETs) biased?

Around the proverbial water cooler of many colleges and universities, you will often hear faculty discussing their student evaluations of teaching (SETs). Faculty may feel that SETs do not adequately represent the quality of their teaching, and in some aspects, they are correct. Research suggests that SETs are subject to a wide variety of biases,… Read More

Involving Students in Research

Roseman pharmacy students often begin the program without any sort of research experience. Nonetheless, research experience is a selling point for those seeking residencies, which are becoming as desirable as they are competitive to obtain. This has led to extensive student interest in becoming involved in research during pharmacy school, preferably with the end of… Read More

Writing Good Assessment Questions

One Friday I was approached by a teacher from another institution who asked me how things were going. When I told him I’d just gotten out of a somewhat stressful assessment, he nodded understandingly and replied that he had heard another of his colleagues once say that teaching is something we do for free; it’s… Read More

Team-Based Learning

November 2019 brought a visit from Dr. Parto Khansari to the Roseman College of Pharmacy, who spoke about methods for facilitating team-based learning. At their best, team-based activities promote constructivist learning by students, helping them understand content more deeply, connect it with prior knowledge, and think about it at a higher level than simply memorizing… Read More

Motivational Interviewing in the Classroom

What is motivational interviewing (MI)? It was originally developed back in the 1980s as a method to treat addiction. A counselor named Bill Miller discovered that patients’ openness to behavior change depended on how they were spoken to by a counselor. Counselors using a less confrontational approach were less likely to elicit counterarguments and defensiveness… Read More

Practical Tips for Using Canvas

On September 10, 2019, Dr. Dustin Christensen-Grant of the Roseman College of Pharmacy gave an excellent presentation on practical ways faculty can improve their use of the many features of the Canvas learning management system.  A video of his presentation has been posted here and some specific topics and highlights are noted below. 4:13  Using… Read More