Steps To Complete Your Roseman Financial Aid Process

Overview of the Financial Aid Process Video

Step 1

Complete a FAFSA.  Once you have been formally enrolled in your program the Financial Aid Office will begin the award process. Your Financial Aid Counselor will contact you by email if additional information is needed.

Step 2

After the Financial Aid Office has completed the award process a Financial Aid Award Notification will be emailed to you. The Notification will instruct you to log in to the Financial Aid Portal to view and accept/decline the federal and/or private aid for which you qualify. The Financial Aid Portal will also inform you of your budget, which includes tuition, fees, and living expenses. View the Messages tab for further details or instructions.

Please note: Financial Aid Awards may be adjusted during the year by the Financial Aid Office due to factors such as a change in the student’s eligibility or additional resources received by the student.

Step 3

The Documents tab on the Financial Aid Portal will link all the required documents you need to complete. You can also go directly to StudentAid.gov to complete the documents listed below:

  • Entrance Counseling – students who have not previously received federal student loans are required to complete entrance counseling.
  • Master Promissory Notes – If you have not previously completed a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note(s) (MPN) with the Department of Education or your MPN is no longer valid, you must complete one at StudentAid.gov. Carefully read and follow directions when completing the MPN. There is one MPN for both the Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans and MPNs for PLUS loans (either Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS). The MPNs can cover all Direct Loans and/or PLUS Loans you borrow with the Department of Education for up to ten years.
  • PLUS/Grad PLUS Request application – The PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans must be applied for every academic year. PLUS/Grad PLUS loans are credit based. Credit checks are only good for 180 days. DO NOT APPLY FOR THESE LOANS UNTIL YOU ARE WITHIN 180 DAYS OF YOUR START DATE.

Step 4 (If Applicable)

If you are awarded a private/alternative loan that you choose to accept you must select a lender and complete the lender’s loan application. FASTChoice is a good resource to begin the application process. Apply for a private/alternative student loan by going directly to the lender’s website and filling out their application. Private loans are credit based. Credit checks are only good for 90 days. DO NOT APPLY FOR THESE LOANS UNTIL YOU ARE WITHIN 90 DAYS OF YOUR START DATE.