Official versus Unofficial Transcripts

Official transcripts are $5 each, printed on copy safe paper with an explanation of Roseman grading process on the front and bears the signature of the registrar.

Unofficial transcripts are free of charge, printed on plain paper, has the grading process on the front and do not bear the signature of the registrar.

The transcript (official and unofficial) will list all completed courses throughout the enrollment at Roseman. Transcripts are not automatically sent to the State Board. The student must request for a transcript to be sent to the State Board of their choice and note the name and complete address on the Transcript Request form.

If the student is applying to another state, it is student’s responsibility to have the NV or UT State Boards to transfer the hours.  Affidavits do not replace transcripts.  Student must still request for one to be sent to the State Board.

BSN Henderson:
Dean or designee will complete affidavits and send to the State Board. The affidavit is the document which is needed for you to sit for the NCLEX NOT the transcripts.

BSN South Jordan:
Dean or designee will complete affidavits and send to DOPL.

DMD South Jordan:
Dean or designee will sign affidavits and submit to DOPL with your anticipated graduation dates.

COP Henderson:
Dean or designee will send internship hours to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy upon graduation and completion of requirements.

COP South Jordan:
Dr. Erin Johansen sends internship hours to DOPL upon graduation and completion of requirements.

AEODO/MBA Henderson:
Dean or designee will complete a ‘Certification of Specialty Program Completion’ and submit to the Nevada Sate Board.

Transcript Request Form (transcripts will NOT be shipped priority/expedited)

Processing time for Transcript Request Form

No degrees will be processed prior to the week of graduation.   We understand the urgency in getting the documents to the respective agencies in a timely manner and every effort will be made to get them processed (take 1 and a half to 2 weeks) and mailed ASAP.

Any requests received/needed prior to graduation will be processed as an Enrollment Verification letter.  This letter may be requested by completion of the form at this letter will contain the student’s anticipated enrollment and graduation dates, but will not confirm graduation.

Make sure to mark ‘Process after degree is posted’ option.

If the student has a “hold” on his/her record, we will be unable to process the request until the hold is cleared.  Please make sure to take care of any holds prior to graduation to prevent delays in processing.

How will I know my request was processed?

We will send an email confirmation to the Roseman email address as soon as we have processed the student’s request (either ready to be picked up AND/OR have been placed in the mail to the recipient(s) listed on the form).

NOTE:  If we receive an Enrollment/Graduation Verification and/or Transcript Request forms and the form does not have current address information on file, we will notify the student immediately via the Roseman email to complete a Student/Alumni Contact Update Form prior to processing the request.  The student may find the form online via the Registrar/Student Services webpage.

How long does it take for the State Board(s) to receive my transcript(s)?

Once the transcripts are mailed, it can take 1-4 weeks for them to arrive at the designated location. We do not track transcripts, therefore, once the student receives an email confirmation from our office; please allow 1-4 weeks for the State Board to receive them.

The time each Board takes to process transcripts will vary. If it has been 4 weeks and the State Board(s) or agency has not received the transcript, please send an email to to inform our office. We will guide you on the next steps.

If the State Board requires confirmation of specific courses in addition to a transcript

The confirmation of specific courses must be completed by the Dean of the student’s program.

Nursing Students:  The Roseman University transcript only shows the name of the school College of Nursing accepted transfer credit for prerequisites and the total number of credit. It does not lists each course. Therefore, if the State Board requires each course taken then students will need to provide transcripts from prior universities attended as our office cannot provide copies.

Name and Address Changes

If the student’s name and/or address changes after the graduation ceremony please complete a Student/Alumni Contact Update form which may be accessed from the Registrar/Student Services website so we may always keep updated records for our alumni!  Diplomas are only printed with the legal name on file at the time of degree completion.

If the student’s name changes after graduation we can re-issue another diploma if the original one is surrendered and legal documentation is provided with the new name.   There is a fee associated with the printing of the new diploma.   The new name WILL NOT be reflected on the transcript.

If I intend to participate in the graduation ceremony where do I obtain my regalia?

All students participating in the graduation ceremony should reference the Graduation webpage under regalia for specific information.