To assist in making sure each student has completed all non-academic requirements (and are aware of some items before your commencement day), please find FYI’s from the Student Support Services units below:

Bursar’s Office Information for Graduates

  • Any outstanding tuition/fees/fines need to be paid to the Bursar’s Office by 5pm the day of graduation rehearsal in order for your graduation to be conferred.
  • Please note: Walking at commencement does not constitute graduation if any outstanding tuition/fees/fines exist.
  • Don’t forget to update your address information so that your 2018 1098-T is mailed to the right address next year.

Email for questions:

Facilities Information for Graduates

  • Student badges are deactivated on August 1st.
  • After August 1st, you will need to sign in at the front desk to have access to the Library facilities.

Email for questions:

Financial Aid Information for Graduates

  • If you have borrowed federal student loans (e.g., subsidized, unsubsidized, or Grad PLUS) while at Roseman University, you will be required to attend an in-person exit counseling session with a representative from Financial Aid.  You will be notified via e-mail once the date and time for the session have been scheduled.
  • You will be required to complete an online exit counseling session directly with the U.S. Department of Education after you have attend the in-person session

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Library Information for Graduates

  • Please remember to turn in all checked out library materials and pay all outstanding fines/fees by the day before graduation
  • Your library privileges expire when you complete your program (see the Alumni Resources Guide)
  • Outstanding items or fines may result in a block on graduation and/or a withholding of transcripts
  • Alumni may use library materials in-house to study for board exams (must get a visitor badge from the receptionist by 5pm)

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Registrar/Student Services Information for Graduates

  • Diplomas (refer to diplomas section)
  • Transcripts (refer to transcripts section)
  • Student Health Insurance:  Any student who has been enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan at least 90 days prior to his/her graduation date, has the option for a continuation of coverage for 90 days (provided you have completed all degree requirements). More information and instructions for enrolling in this continuation privilege can be found on our broker’s website.  Application must be made and premium must be paid directly to United HealthCare Student Resources and be received within 14 days after the expiration date of the of the student coverage.

Technology Services Information for Graduates (link)