If you want to have letters of invitation prepared for you to mail to your family members who may be coming from another country where a travel visa is required (outside of the USA) please send an email to your unit’s contact person with the following information (please note that all family members planning to attend must have their own individual letter of invitation):

  1. Name – complete as it appears on the person’s passport
    (Please clearly specify First, Middle, and Last names to lessen any confusion)
  2. Gender
  3. Relationship to you
    (If you state that the relationship to you is a cousin or a friend, please indicate the gender so that the letter is addressed correctly, i.e. Mr. or Ms.)
  4. Mailing address for the person who you are inviting
    -Once the letters are ready, you will receive a confirmation email stating that  you can pick them up for mailing to the recipient (the University does not post these invitation letters).

Henderson Campus Contacts by Unit:

College of Dental Medicine: Carol Shannon

College of Nursing: Ana Guevara

College of Pharmacy: Dawn Benson

MBA: Ptorey Crutchfield

South Jordan Campus Contacts by Unit:

College of Dental Medicine: Karen Soter

College of Nursing: Andrea Deus

College of Pharmacy: Jamie Dinsmore

MBA:  Sharon Miller