A household-centered approach aligning healthcare, public health, and social services to help vulnerable households achieve resiliency.

Roseman Genesis


GENESIS is an answer to the challenge of how to effectively merge health services and social services in a way that will truly improve the health of high-risk populations. GENESIS provides high-risk patients with tailored high-tech and high-touch medical and social services aimed at helping them conveniently address barriers to optimal patient and household health outcomes.

The household is key. By longitudinally tracking the social determinants of health and dispatching care teams whose integrated health and social services workflows are guided by our GENESIS platform; GENESIS is the answer for achieving positive health outcomes with high-risk patients. Our households are more prepared, and resilient, barriers are removed, and this increases the likelihood they will live a healthier life.

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Dean Dr. Pedro "Joe" Greer, Jr. joined CBS News to announce the launch of GENESIS

Apple Art Initiative

To amplify Idealism in the community, Roseman University College of Medicine created its Apple Art initiative. Partnering with local artists, GENESIS vehicles are themed with a focus on idealism and the social determinants of health such as housing, mental health, and health disparities. The GENESIS vehicles will be driven by community outreach workers as they conduct home visits and outreach events. Each car will have a QR code that links to more info on Apple Art and Genesis.

Roseman University College of Medicine

Roseman University College of Medicine is where scientific expertise meets innovation and a strong sense of mission. By providing a collaborative environment for learning, research, community development, and health care, Roseman University College of Medicine aims to prepare the next generation of providers to be socially accountable leaders in transforming the health and well-being of patients and communities. We have an unwavering commitment to advancing the health and health care of all in the Southwestern United States and to serving as a solutions-center for the region’s toughest challenges. We aim to turn complex problems into opportunities for innovation and discovery and to translate those innovations and discoveries into opportunities for each person to thrive.


The Roseman Difference

A Broader Picture of Health

Despite advances in medicine, increased specialization, and the highest per capita health spending of any nation, Americans still experience the growing burden of chronic disease, unsustainable healthcare costs, and persistent inequities in health status. A chief reason for this is that medical education in the United States has traditionally limited its focus to identifying and treating diseases rather than embracing a more comprehensive view of health. Although access to high quality medical care is critically important, today we know that factors like affordable and stable housing, the quality of our schools, access to good jobs with fair pay, eating nutritious meals, engaging in physical activity, and the safety of our neighborhoods have a greater impact on health and well-being than medical services or biological factors alone. We believe in empowering our communities with the knowledge, support, and tools they need to enable everyone to live the healthiest life possible.