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Meet your Library Staff

Nancy Crabtree, MLS

Research and Learning Librarian
  • Library

Samuel Dyal, MLS

Assistant Director of Library Services
  • Library

Emily Espanol, BA

Service Desk Manager - Henderson
  • Library

Anna Ferri, MLIS, MEd

Research & Learning Librarian
  • Library

Tiffany Garrett, MSIS

Director of Library Services
  • Library

Blake Henley

Electronic Resources Assistant
  • Library

Shannon Holt, BFA

Instructional Design Assistant
  • Library

Gabriela Ibarra

Administrative Assistant
  • Library

Lorraine Lee, BA

Acquisitions & ILL Assistant
  • Library

Pamela Leja

Cataloging and Archives Assistant
  • Library

Scott Park, MLIS

Access and Systems Librarian
  • Library

Alicia Parry, AS

Service Desk Manager - South Jordan
  • Library

Connor Schwartz, MLIS

Interim Research & Learning Librarian
  • Library