Hero Scholar: Tyler Heese

Tyler Heese of Jefferson, Oregon, a Nursing Scholar supported by RBM Building Services, exemplifies community service and leadership. Witnessing the devastating Cedar Creek Fire in 2020 in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Tyler joined Mahema Community Church’s effort to rebuild lives after the tragedy. Over nearly two years and accumulating 2,000 hours of volunteer time, he and his team built 150 sheds for families who lost everything. Tyler’s expertise from a family farm background enabled him to teach others to wield basic tools and construct the sheds, revealing the importance of teamwork and unity in adversity. Working as a CNA, Tyler recognized the significance of compassionate patient care and effective communication, especially during difficult times. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership by fostering a positive atmosphere among his peers. Tyler’s determination to elevate his fellow CNAs’ work ethic and attitudes led to positive changes, transforming the work environment into one of respect and collaboration and fostering a harmonious and respectful medical workplace that prioritized patient well-being. Tyler is now pursuing a career in nursing, enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the South Jordan campus.