Where do I publish?

It can be a joy to see your research in print, but also a big headache to get it there.  Assuming you’ve executed a decent research plan and generated interesting results, you are now tasked with putting your work into the context of the entirety of human knowledge (seemingly), describing all your procedures and results… Read More

Lightening the Cognitive Load

This year I was approached by a student in my Pharmaceutical Calculations course about posting worked solutions to a problem set. “Answers are listed on the last page,” I said. “But we don’t know if we’re getting to the answers the right way,” she replied. “I write out examples in class.  You’re supposed to apply… Read More

Assessment Review

On May 20 and 21, 2019, the South Jordan Campus of Roseman University had the opportunity to learn more about assessment review, a key component of the Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model, from two of the university’s founders and a panel of other seasoned Roseman faculty. In the May 21st session, the panelists were Renee… Read More

Statistical Software

They say you never really learn statistics until the time comes to analyze your own data.  Once you are faced with this situation, your first question will probably be What statistical test is appropriate for my data?  The second will most likely be, Now, how do I run this test? To help address the second… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Database Research

On its face it seems too good to be true:  take a large dataset generated by someone else, search it for something interesting, and write up the results for publication without all the expensive and time-consuming data collection, low response rates, low statistical power, or complicated IRB applications associated with doing it yourself. Yet these… Read More