4 Fun Facts About Salt Lake City

February 12, 2014

salt lake cityIf you’re considering attending Roseman University for your Doctor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or your Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, the South Jordan campus is one of the campuses you can call home, at least for a few years while you’re in school. Here are some fun tidbits you may not have known about Utah—also known as “the Beehive State.”

“This is the Place”

Chances are, when you think of Utah, you think of Mormons (also known as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS). While it’s true that the state was founded by Mormons (with the leader of the Mormon pioneers famously declaring “This is the place” upon arriving in the Salt Lake valley), only about half of the people in the state (51%) are LDS today, and even fewer in the areas in and around the capital of Salt Lake City, which is only 20 minutes from the South Jordan campus.

There are many choices for entertainment, including world-class shopping, Broadway plays, arts and music festivals, and a great nightlife scene at several bars and clubs. There’s always something exciting going on for those who are looking to have a good time. Downtown Salt Lake is also home to Temple Square, the 16th most visited tourist attraction in the nation. For winter sports enthusiasts, there are 11 venues open to the public from the 2002 Winter Olympics that were held in and around Salt Lake City.

Amazing Mountains

Utah is on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountain range, and the Salt Lake Valley is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Utah mountain peaks are the tallest in the country, averaging an elevation of 11,222 feet, and not only are the mountains high, they are covered with the Greatest Snow on Earth®. Utah’s inland location and desert climate causes the snow here to be unusually dry, resulting in more powdery snow than anywhere else. There are 14 ski resorts in

Utah, almost all of which offer both skiing and snowboarding, and eight of those resorts are within 45 minutes of the Roseman University-South Jordan campus. There are countless other ways to enjoy the slopes year-round, including hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, camping, mountain biking, and walking. There are caves to explore, water falls to jump off and peaks to scale. Come enjoy the mountains!

We Like to Move

Because of Utah’s varied landscapes and endless outdoor adventures, the state is a mecca for outdoor recreation. It’s no wonder Utah residents love to move. Utah consistently ranks in the United Health Foundation’s top 10 healthiest states. There are bike lanes and sidewalks on all major roadways, encouraging people to get around without their cars. Utah boasts a trails system that includes hundreds of trail heads, overviews and points of interest throughout the state.

The state has 5 National Parks, the third most of any state after California (9) and Alaska (8). Utah boasts 7 National Monuments, including Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Capital Reef National Park. Most parks allow camping, hiking and biking, and residents and visitors like to take advantage of these opportunities to commune with nature.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Utah is also a major Hollywood attraction, with dozens of movies filmed here every year. Famous films made here include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forrest Gump, Independence Day and Footloose, just to name a few. Film makers come for Utah’s rugged and diverse landscape; from the snow-capped mountains in the north to the red rock canyons in the south, Utah has a lot to offer by way of unique scenery. Plus Park City, Utah is host to one of the largest and most famous film festivals in the US, Sundance Film Festival, where movie stars and movie enthusiasts alike gather to check out the best of the independent film industry.

Utah is a wonderful state, with many exciting things to offer to all. Come on over and check us out.