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Two brothers with a passion for learning, sharing knowledge and a vision for quality healthcare saw their dedication come to fruition this summer. In June 2017, Roseman University graduates Robenson Tango and Achilles Tiam celebrated the grand opening of Tango Pharmacy in North Las Vegas accompanied by family and Roseman faculty and students.Tango Pharmacy, Roseman University

“The decision to open a pharmacy came from my passion to establish a solid and more relational care for my patients. I strongly believe that knowing your patients and taking the time to build a professional relationship with them by getting to know them opens the door to mutual trust, and improves patient care,” said Tango. “The decision to open a pharmacy also came from a commitment to tailor our services around the local community, based on the demographic and needs of the population; for instance, being surrounded by patients on disability prompted us to create a delivery program to satisfy those patients’ healthcare needs.”

After graduating from Roseman University, Tango worked for Walgreens as a staff pharmacist in the Las Vegas metro area and in Arizona, then as a pharmacy manager in Las Vegas. The idea to open his own pharmacy was three years in the making.

“I was very impressed with his research and well thought out plan for the making of Tango Pharmacy,” said Tiam, Tango’s brother. “Robenson is a very organized and intelligent man, and I felt honored to serve as his partner.”

Family has played an integral part of forming Tango Pharmacy. The two brothers worked together to turn Tango’s idea into a reality.

“Achille, my brother, has been an invaluable business partner, assisting me with making numerous decisions,” said Tango. “From design, contracts, purchasing, to marketing and more, Achille and I have shared ideas that have led to the opening of Tango Pharmacy. Although now we are far away from each other, we still talk about the daily operation and the future of Tango Pharmacy.”

Tango Pharmacy, Roseman UniversityBoth Tango and Tiam attended the Roseman University College of Pharmacy, graduating years apart. Tango received dual degrees in PharmD/MBA from Roseman in 2009. During his search for a pharmacy program, Tango was drawn to Roseman University for its accelerated three-year Doctor of Pharmacy program and the combined dual degree program where he could earn his PharmD and an MBA at the same time. The combined programs prepare pharmacists for senior management careers as well as entrepreneurial success in owning an independent pharmacy.

“At the time I looked for pharmacy schools in 2004, only a few universities offered an accelerated PharmD program, and Roseman University was, I believe, the only one of those that provided a dual PharmD plus MBA program,” said Tango. “I was also passionate and impressed about Roseman University’s advanced educational model, their block system, their classroom design and professors’ commitment to prepare students to be outstanding, well-rounded healthcare providers.”

While he knew exactly what he wanted, Tango still faced the challenge of being in a new country away from his family.

“My biggest challenge pursuing higher education was to be a first generation U.S. immigrant in my family, a role model for many in my family, and supporting some family members financially all throughout my university years” said Tango. “Another challenge was to be far away from the majority of the rather large family I have, especially since a great number of sad and also amazing things happened during those year.”

Tango was studying mathematics and computer sciences in Cameroon when he decided to seek opportunities in the United States in 2002. It is during this time he would come across a mentor who would influence his career path.

“I was inspired to become a pharmacist by a pharmacist in Texas who encouraged me and openly answered all my questions with a sense of pride for his profession,” said Tango. “I then volunteered in a hospital pharmacy in Dallas where I acquired more knowledge about the daily professional duties of a pharmacist, as well as those of the pharmacy staff as a whole. I made the decision to pursue a pharmacist career during my hospital volunteering year. I learned how important the role of a pharmacist is in healthcare and how valuable it is for the healthcare system to have them as an integral part of the providers’ team.”

He was not away from family for long as his brother joined him and followed in his footsteps. Tiam graduated from Roseman University with a PharmD in June 2017 and is currently completing a pharmacy practice residency program in Arizona.

“Pursuing the degree in pharmacy pushed me beyond my comfort zone and challenged me in science and law. The program at Roseman also included leadership and volunteer opportunities that I took full advantage of,” said Tiam. “I had to use my time wisely and unfortunately, spent a lot of time away from my family. In the end, it was worth the time and effort, because I was able to secure a residency position using my experience at Roseman.”

Ask Tiam who his influence was for choosing a career as a pharmacist and he will proudly say his brother.

“My brother was my inspiration, he has always been a leader for the family,” said Tiam. “I followed in his footsteps because I saw the challenge and the community benefits that pharmacy provided. I went from educating students to providing a bigger impact to the community.”

The brothers coordinated the grand opening of the pharmacy to coincide with Tiam’s graduation in order to share the two events with family visiting from out of town. Tiam describes the excitement of showing the pharmacy to his family:

“A sense of pride and excitement took over. Above all, it was exciting and rewarding for me to see my brother happy, especially after seeing his hard work pay off,” said Tiam. “In short, being able to share such an accomplishment with family and friends was an unexplainable joy.”

The brothers’ value of family and friends was reflected in the number of Roseman students and faculty who attended the grand opening. The student organization Movimiento Estudiantil Roseman was onsite providing free health screenings. Tango hopes to continue engaging Roseman students to provide learning opportunities.Tango Pharmacy, Roseman University

“We at Tango Pharmacy can and are willing to provide various learning experiences to Roseman University students,” said Tango. “Besides general retail pharmacy, Tango Pharmacy provides both on-site and off-site immunizations and health testing services, with some of the off-site events being coupled with Brown Bag events. Effective July 24, 2017, Tango Pharmacy will join the network of specialty pharmacies, with a specialty solution program that will certainly be a great learning opportunity for Roseman University students.”

His commitment to providing affordable and accessible healthcare services is evident in his goals for the pharmacy.

“I hope and will strive for the community to consider Tango Pharmacy an integral part of their healthcare team; pharmacists who are not just dispensing their medications but who also follow up with them and their prescribers to optimize their therapy,” said Tango.

It was through passion, vision and the pursuit of knowledge that Tango was able to open his own pharmacy, but having his brother by his side supporting his decision was invaluable. He looks forward to the day they can work together again and continue growing the business.

“I hope to convince him (Tiam) to come back to Las Vegas upon completing his residency and fully join me in this venture,” said Tango. “I strongly believe we can do great things together.”

About Tango Pharmacy
Address: 4090 W. Craig Rd, Ste 101, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Phone: 702-636-8054
Tango Pharmacy offers various services including, but not limited to:

  • Medication and health advice
  • Over the counter medication sales and advice
  • Prescription medication dispensing and counseling
  • Immunization services (screening and administering)
  • Specialty solutions (dispensing and counseling on complex diseases medications, as well as finding solutions to reduce cost of specialty medications to patients)
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Health care testing
  • Medication delivery



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