Orthodontics (AEODO) Residency

The Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AEODO) Residency program is a three-year postdoctoral program designed to provide an excellent and comprehensive education in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics preparing the graduates to achieve their utmost clinical, scholarly and professional development potential. While utilizing the innovative and effective “block system,” as set forth by Roseman University of Health Sciences, this program will focus on lifelong learning, clinical excellence and providing outstanding oral health care to a diverse population. Furthermore, core values of distinction, proficiency, integrity and leadership will be stressed throughout the students’/residents’ education at the College of Dental Medicine. Upon successful completion of said program and fulfillment of all set forth requirements, graduates will be granted a Certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.


3 Years


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AEODO Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals

The AEODO Residency Program’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals are consistent with those established by Roseman University of Health Sciences.

The AEODO Residency Program prepares competent oral health care professionals. We also address the oral health care needs of the regions we serve through our innovative educational programs, scholarship and public service.

We envision a vibrant Program, nationally identified as an innovative College that fully contributes the benefits of teaching, scholarship and service to society.

  • People: We derive strength and vitality from each other and the constituencies we serve. We care about the current and future welfare of our students, residents, staff and faculty.
  • Diversity: We welcome and respect differences in our community and the culturally diverse populations we serve. We appreciate the dynamism and uniqueness of different cultures.
  • Ethics: We maintain our integrity through principled action and ethical decision making. We foster the development of ethical professionalism in our students and residents.
  • Scholarship: We acknowledge and encourage the pursuit of scholarship, including discovery, teaching, integration and application. We uphold the rights and responsibilities of academic freedom and academic integrity.
  • Teaching and Learning: We believe that our students and residents want to succeed and are capable of high levels of achievement, given the opportunity to be actively involved in the learning process. We provide a teaching and learning environment that prepares students and residents to become competent, caring, ethical oral health care professionals and life-long learners dedicated to providing service to citizens of Nevada and the surrounding regions.
  • Accountability: We have a special relationship with and are accountable to, our students and residents and their future employment. We actively strive to improve the quality of life of the people in the regions we serve. We make sound financial decisions to ensure that we possess the human, physical, clinical and financial resources appropriate to the academic programs, scholarship and services.
  • Improvement: We are committed to assess and analyze program outcomes data and use the results to chart a course that reflects our high expectations for continued excellence.

The AEODO program’s goals are consistent with the established goals of Roseman University of Health Sciences, as depicted below:

  • Provide strong and diverse clinical and didactic training for all residents
  • Provide affordable and excellent oral health care to all citizens of Nevada and surrounding regions
  • Provide an environment that promotes clinical excellence, ethical behavior, professional growth and intellectual collaboration with faculty and colleagues
  • Provide support for faculty professional development through support of meetings/continuing education, research, etc.
  • Encourage, support and recruit faculty, staff and students/residents from under-represented minorities or diverse backgrounds while maintaining superior quality and outcomes

We foster enduring relationships with alumni, friends and community partners.

AEODO Admissions

Admission to the Roseman University of Health Sciences Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AEODO) Postdoctoral Residency Program is granted to a very select number of highly qualified dentists who are able to demonstrate superb didactic, clinical, ethical and interpersonal capabilities, leading to a proclivity to succeed in their chosen profession.

AEODO Curriculum