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Roseman University appoints Martin Lipsky, MD as the new Chancellor for its South Jordan campus

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH – May 27, 2015 – Roseman University appointed Martin Lipsky, MD as the chancellor for its South Jordan, Utah campus. He assumed the position on Tuesday, May 26. “Dr. Lipsky brings extensive experience in higher education to … Continue reading →


Ways to Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

Spending time outside can be both therapeutic and relaxing, and many people find that they are more active and can do more when they go outside. Whether you need a break from your studies or simply want to spend time with friends, the outdoors is a great option. While there are many benefits that come with spending time outside, the sun can be harmful to your skin. To minimize your chances of developing skin cancer, you can use these helpful tips. Look for Shade A shaded atmosphere is much bette

Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Health

While it’s equally important for both men and women to take good care of themselves, the specific health needs for each gender are different based on biological differences in the way our bodies age and the potential risks we are more likely to face. There are specific steps that women can take to maintain and improve their overall health. Annual Breast Cancer Screenings Breast cancer will affect one in eight women under the age of 75, so it’s important to get potentially life-saving screeni

Did You Know, Physical Activity Can Help You Sleep Better?

Millions of Americans have problems sleeping. Poor sleep can increase your likelihood of developing diseases and it is not good for your mental health, and if you want to sleep better, it may be smart to exercise. Studies show that physical activity actually improves your sleep. Any Exercise is Worthwhile In a study, exercisers and non-exercisers were asked about their sleep. The exercisers were grouped in three categories: vigorous exercisers, moderate exercisers, and light exercisers. The resu

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