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The College of Medicine at Roseman University of Health Sciences Welcomes Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions

LAS VEGAS – March 17, 2015 – A. Peter Eveland, Ed.D. has been appointed associate dean for student affairs and admissions, and professor of family medicine for the College of Medicine at Roseman University of Health Sciences. “As we continue … Continue reading →


Recognizing the Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from some form of diabetes, and an even larger number is at risk for developing diabetes in the future. The disease affects every age demographic, from young children to senior citizens. If you develop diabetes, the symptoms of the disease may go unnoticed at first. By being able to recognize the warning signs of diabetes, you can seek treatment for the illness before it causes debilitating problems to your health. Type 2 Diabetes and Symptoms More than 90 percent of pe

Roseman University Launches Mascot Design Contest

Since 1999 Roseman University of Health Sciences has been providing a top-notch education for students interested in healthcare, beginning with a College of Pharmacy and expanding to include a College of Nursing, College of Dental Medicine, a Master of Business Administration program, and a College of Medicine coming soon. The institution has experienced exceptional growth over the years, and now Roseman University has announced that it is seeking submissions for a new mascot and mascot name. Th

Tips For Staying Happy and Healthy in College

College is a multi-year period of near-constant transition. With each new semester or new year, you encounter new discoveries and experiences, and rarely do you have time to develop a routine schedule. College days can be hectic and stressful, and as a result, you may start to neglect your health. The following tips are meant to help you maintain your well-being as you navigate the complex maze that is university life. Maintain a Balanced Diet Many students lose sight of their caloric intake whe

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