University administration

University Administration

Renee E. Coffman, BS Pharm, PhD – President
Harry Rosenberg, PharmD, PhD – Founding President Emeritus
Michael DeYoung, PhD – Vice President for Student Services
Charles F. Lacy, PharmD, FCSHP – Vice President for Executive Affairs
Martin Lipsky, MD – Chancellor, South Jordan, Utah
Vanessa Maniago, BA – Special Advisor to the President
Thomas Metzger, PhD – Vice President for Quality Assurance and Intercampus Consistency
Eucharia Nnadi, JD, PhD – Chancellor, Henderson, Nevada
Mark Penn, MD, MBA – Chancellor, Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jason Roth, MBA – Vice President for Communications and Public Relations
Terrell Sparks, MBA – Vice President for Operations
Ken Wilkins, BS, MS – Vice President for Business and Finance


Angela D. Bigby, BS, MA – Registrar/Director of Student Services
Weston Boyack, BA, MBA – Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
Kitti Canepi, MALS – Director of Library Services
Kristina Connolly – Assistant Controller
Christine Daoust, BS, ME – Assistant Director of Student Services
Jason Gibson – User Services Director
Brenda Griego, CFRE – Development Director
Carol Hollatz – Director of Advancement and Stewardship Development
Gary Hollatz – Director of Facilities
Eileen Hug, MS, CPA, CIA, CMA – Controller
Laura Jarrett, BA – Information Technology Operations Director
Mary Johlfs, MS – Director of Research Operations
Sally Mickelson, BA – Director of Financial Aid
Linda Newill, BS – Bursar
Stephanie Page, BA – Director of Grants Administration
Rachael Wadley, MBA – Marketing Director, Utah Campus

College of Medicine – Summerlin

Mark Penn, MD, MBA – Founding Dean
Willis Paul, PhD – Interim Associate Dean for Research
Bruce Morgenstern, MD – Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Stephanie Wragg, BSC, MS, PhD – Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Assessment
Victoria VanMeetren, MBA – Special Advisor to the Founding Dean for Community Engagement

College of Dental Medicine – Henderson

James M. Broadbent, DDS, MS – Interim Program Director, CODM, AEODO/MBA Residency Program
Prashanti Bollu, DMD, MBA, MS – Director of Dental Research
Glenn Roberson, DMD – Clinic Director

College of Dental Medicine – South Jordan

Frank Licari, BS, MBA, MPH, DDS – Dean, South Jordan, Utah
D. William Harman, PhD – Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Services, South Jordan, Utah
William Carroll, DDS – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, South Jordan, Utah
Kenneth King, BS, DDS – Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Patient Care, South Jordan, Utah
Val Joseph Cheever, DDS – Assistant Dean for General Dentistry Education
Robert Alder, BS, DDS – Director of Quality Assurance
Aaron Ferguson, DMD – Director of Public Health Dentistry
Jeffrey Rudd, AS – Director of Clinical Operations
Robert Seegmiller, BS, MS, PhD – Director of Research
Duane Winden, AAS, BS, MS, MSN/ed – Director of Biomedical Sciences Education

College of Pharmacy

Larry Fannin, BS Pharm, PharmD – Interim Dean, South Jordan Campus Dean
Erik Jorvig, BS, MS, PhD – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Helen Park, BA, PharmD – Assistant Dean for Admissions
Katherine Smith, BA, PharmD – Director of Continuing Education
Darla Zarley, PharmD – Director of Experiential Education
Catherine Cone, PharmD – Assistant Dean for Assessment
Jeffery N. Talbot, PhD – Assistant Dean for Research and Faculty Development

College of Nursing

Brian Oxhorn, BS, MS, PhD – Dean
Susan Watson, ADN, BSN, MSN, PhD – Campus Dean, College of Nursing, South Jordan, Utah
Thomas Mansen, BSN, MSN, PhD – Interim Assistant Dean, Curriculum and Assessment
Barbara Tanner, BSN, MSN – Director of Simulation and Skills Laboratory, Henderson, Nevada
Suzanne Winslow, BSN, MSN/Ed – Director of Simulation and Skills Laboratory, South Jordan, Utah
Erik Dillon, BA, MA – Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Delos Jones, BSN, MSN – Director of Clinical Resources, Henderson, NV
Arlene England, AS, BSN, MSN – Director of Clinical Resources, South Jordan, UT

MBA Program

Okeleke Peter Nzeogwu, BS, MS, MBA, PhD  – Director, MBA Program

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