Explore Free Resources with Roseman University Library’s Alumni Resources and National Library of Medicine Resources Guides

As you conclude your time at Roseman and prepare to launch your professional career, you may be wondering how to access the resources made available to you through the library post-graduation. In order to ensure that you are prepared to transition, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Alumni Resources and National Library of Medicine… Read More

President’s Report – April 2018

Welcome to the April edition of spectRUm. Last week, I was in the classroom teaching for three days on our South Jordan Campus, and was able to experience the warmth that is thawing Utah and promising Spring. In Nevada, our temperatures have hit the 80’s, marking what will be a nice few months before the… Read More

South Jordan Report – April 2018

April, a month known for growth, is full of opportunities and new beginnings. Next Monday, April 16, after four years of education, clinical practice and unforgettable memories, we say goodbye to 80 Doctor of Dental Medicine students as they enter the healthcare arena as dentists. They are closing one chapter in their lives and beginning… Read More

Summerlin Report – April 2018

Second Chances As you may recall, the College of Medicine on the Summerlin Campus has established the monthly practice of serving in local, community-based, non-profit organizations. We have found that this is an effective way to reach into the community – to create bridges, to build friendships. This issue of spectRUm highlights our most recent… Read More

Roseman Remembers College of Pharmacy Graduate Jason Douglass

The Roseman University community celebrates the life of Jason Douglass. By any measure, Jason was successful. The College of Pharmacy graduate completed his program at the Henderson, NV Campus and went on to enjoy a rewarding career holding multiple positions within the Walmart Corporation at both Walmart and Sam’s Club. But, personal success just wasn’t… Read More

2018 4th Annual Research Symposium Recap

Research is thriving at Roseman University because at Roseman we value innovation which has helped create a stimulating environment in which to work, learn and grow. This innovative environment has allowed research to flourish at the University. Each year the University provides an opportunity to showcase this research. On Wednesday, March 14th the University held… Read More

Henderson Report – April 2018

Welcome to the April issue of spectRUm. We’re just one month away from commencement, when the Class of 2018 will embark on a new chapter in their lives as they enter their chosen professions. It’s an exciting and energetic time on campus as we prepare for the ceremony and students’ families eagerly await the opportunity… Read More

South Jordan Report – March 2018

Roseman values innovations in education that help to create a stimulating environment in which to work, learn, and grow. Because of this focus on innovation, research is thriving at the University as Roseman continues to establish itself as a regional academic research center. Through the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model, students and faculty push their limits… Read More