Student ID Number & Address Change

A Roseman Student ID Number is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies a student at Roseman University.
For example: 000012345.

A student initially receives his/her Student ID Number from Tech Services to his/her student email account when the following two items have been completed:

  • A Roseman admissions application has been received by the respective academic program
  • The university seating desposit has been received and processed

Retrieving Roseman Student ID Number or Updating Student Address

If a Roseman Student ID Number is forgotten or the initial email containing this information is no longer available (or if you need to update the address you have on file for Roseman), the following option exists for retrieval (or update in the case of address) of this information:

  1. Log in to Student Portal (link available at the top of this webpage)
    Note: If you do not know or remember your password, please contact the Tech Services Help Desk at:
    702-968-2030 (Henderson)
    801-878-1010 (South Jordan)
  2. Log in to the Student Self-Service portal (button on the bottom right of screen after logging in – see visual example below) – if the system asks you for a “System ID, this is your student ID #
  1. Once logged in to Student Self-Service, click on the My Profile tab (visual below):
  2. From the My Profile tab, click on the Account Information option on the bar below (for retrieval of student ID) or click on Addresses to review or update the address(es) that are on file (visual below):
    s4NOTE: When/if updating your address, when you click submit, the screen will not change, but the information will have been sent for review before being published. This update can take 1-7 business days.
  3. Your Student ID Number (System ID) is located under the User Name (visual below):