Waiving the Student Health Insurance

Each year, all enrolled Roseman students have the option to seek out and purchase private health insurance coverage; however, the private health insurance must meet the program’s minimum insurance requirements below, and the coverage must be active by the deadline to be considered for a waiver of the student health insurance.

Note: The process of waiving the student health insurance must be completed annually by a stated deadline, regardless if an approved waiver is on file from the previous academic year.

Process for Waiving the Student Health Insurance

All third-party student insurances are verified for the minimum insurance requirements by our insurance broker, Ascension Benefits & Insurance Solutions when students submit their information into the Waiver Portal below. If an active third-party insurance cannot be verified either electronically or via phone, it is the student’s responsibility to provide correct documentation from your insurance company verifying the coverage (if it cannot be provided, your insurance will be denied). Students who have no other insurance coverage by the stated waiver deadline are auto-enrolled and charged for the Student Health Insurance Plan to keep them in compliance with their program and the university.

If considering private insurance, be sure to submit the “Summary of Benefits” for that insurance to customerservice.la@ascensionins.com to have it pre-verified before you purchase it. Please include in the email which cohort you have been admitted to and your anticipated start date.  Note that it is not guaranteed that your personal insurance will waive the student health insurance plan.

Minimum Insurance Requirements (All Programs)

  • Maximum benefit must be unlimited
  • Maximum $6,850 annual deductible
  • Maximum 80/20 in -network and 60/40 out-of-network coinsurance
  • Prescription/immunization coverage
  • A provider network in the Roseman area for primary care, specialty, hospital and diagnostic care
  • Mental health coverage
  • Coverage for the entire academic year, including summer and holidays
  • Coverage for annual exam
  • US-based health plan
  • *Nationwide Coverage (USA)

*Exceptions are Utah/Nevada Medicaid or other Utah/Nevada state-funded plans (if and only if you are not on clinical rotations outside the respective state of approval); No other state Medicaid nor state-funded insurance will waive the student health insurance plan.  When comparing plans ALL of the requirements above must be met…no exceptions!

Out-of-State Clinical Rotations

For students planning to complete out-of-state clinical rotations, Roseman will not accept state-funded plans for states other than Nevada and Utah. If you waived the student health insurance plan with one or the other, note that these plans will not follow you out-of-state, and we will not allow any other state-funded plans to cover you while you are on rotation out-of-state, as clinical rotation sites can change at any time. You will be in need of cancelling your state-funded plan and finding an alternate, eligible nationwide plan to cover you for out-of-state rotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waiver FAQ (.pdf)

Waiver Portal

  • Waiver Portal  (link waiving) – Please only use this portal if you have received an email from insurance@roseman.edu that states that the portal is now open to your cohort.