The Student Government Association (SGA) is open to students from Dental, MBA, Nursing, Pharmacy and Ortho/MBA Programs.

There are two faculty advisors (one for each campus listed below) as well as the Registrar/ Director of Student Services and the Assistant Director of Student Services who serve in an ex-officio capacity. The SGA represents all students at Roseman (by campus) and acts as a voice for the student body.  The SGA reports to the Vice President for Student Services.

Henderson Faculty Advisor: Dr. Surajit Dey

South Jordan Faculty Advisor: Dr. Douglas Ashman

SGA email:

SGA Annual Duties

  • SGA President nominates student members to the Student Professionalism Board
  • SGA President nominates alternates to the Student Professionalism Board (in case members are not able to attend a hearing)
  • SGA officers review and recommend graduation student speaker speeches to Administrative Council
  • SGA officers review self-nominees for the next years’ SGA officers
  • SGA officers serve as the student opinion on matters that require student insight for Administrative Council or other faculty/staff organizations on campus as needed
  • SGA officers may seek to undertake other matters as determined

SGA Eligibility and Term of Service

Enrolled Roseman students as well as incoming students (who will be on campus by July 1), are eligible to self-nominate for an office in the SGA.

FYI: The following academic years provide the most flexibility toward participation in SGA (although any academic year is welcomed):

Dental: D2 and D3 years

MBA: variable (meetings could fall over lunch)

Nursing: ABSN, N1 and N2 years (although due to prominent rotations off campus, meetings via phone could be necessary)

Pharmacy: P2 year (P3 year is possible, although meetings could fall over lunch time)
SGA Officers are elected the spring prior to the start of his/her term of service beginning on July 1 of each year and ending on June 30th of the following year (or his/her graduation date, whichever comes sooner).

SGA Constitution (Bylaws)

The SGA constitution is the fundamental principles that govern its operation. The bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the group is to function. All but the most informal groups should have their basic structure and methods of operation in writing.

Officers each year have an opportunity to make suggested updates to the Consitution/By-Laws. Any suggested updates are taken to the Vice-President for Student Affairs for consideration, and if approved, are placed into effect immediately.

SGA Elections

SGA elections for officers is held in the spring of each academic year. If interested in running for one of the offices below, please view the SGA Bylaws and the annual duties specified above. Elections will be advertised in the student newsletter for those interested in self-nominating.

Benefits of Participation

  • Voice for not only your academic program and class, but of the entire student body
  • Leadership training
  • Enhancement to your academic and professional resume
  • Great opportunity to meet new people and make long lasting relationships

2016-2017 Henderson Campus Officers

President, Kaylee Vitale, Pharmacy Class of 2018/MBA
Vice President, Janeen Ibarreta, Pharmacy Class of 2017
Secretary, Khonemany Saengdara,  Nursing (BSN) Class of 2017
Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Pharmacy Class of 2018

2015-2016 South Jordan Campus Officers

President, Raquel Barrack, Pharmacy Class of 2017
Vice President, Michael McKinney, Dental Class of 2017
Secretary, Daniel Reynolds, Dental Class of 2019
Treasurer/Parliamentarian, Glenn Windmiller, Pharmacy Class of 2017