Hyflex Delivery: Hybrid & Flexible Learning

Roseman University College of Graduate Studies’ HyFlex delivery offers the benefits of hybrid learning in a flexible course structure. Students can choose to attend classes in person, participate online, or do both, according to need or preference.

What is Hyflex?

HyFlex is a combination of “hybrid” and “flexible.” Hybrid learning refers to learning that integrates face-to-face (synchronous) and online learning (asynchronous). All students in a hybrid course are expected to undergo the same combination of online and in-person activities. In contrast, the “flexible” aspect of HyFlex is that students are able to choose how they participate in the course and engage with material in the mode that works best for their schedule over the course and from session to session.

The HyFlex delivery presents multiple paths for students to engage in course content and is an effective format for students with varying levels of expertise or background in the subject matter. Courses built on the HyFlex delivery help to break down the boundary between the virtual classroom and the physical one. By allowing students access to both platforms, the design encourages discussion threads to move from one platform to the other.

In a Hyflex course, students can choose from 3 convenient formats:

  1. Attend classes in person
  2. Participate in classes online
  3. Attend classes in person and online

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