Join your fellow Roseman University graduates for quick takes on timely topics through this new online lecture series designed specifically for Roseman alumni. Register today to enjoy fast-moving and focused 45-minute presentations, followed by 15-minute interactive Q&A sessions to get your questions addressed.

Student Loan Strategies
Wednesday, September 23 @ 6 pm PDT

On September 23 at 6 pm PDT, Sally Mickelson, Roseman’s Director of Financial Aid, will share tips and techniques for strategically tackling student loans.

Sally will discuss a variety of topics including the pros and cons of different repayment strategies (e.g., aggressive repayment, private refinancing, and long-term repayment/forgiveness programs (PSLF, REPAYE, and PAYE)), the impact of the CARES Act on student loans, how student loans affect your ability to obtain credit such as a mortgage, as well as provide insight into how your payment is calculated under various repayment options with the US Department of Education.

New Drug Update, Fall 2020
Wednesday, October 21 @ 6 pm PDT

New drugs are being developed every day around the world, and many of these new chemical moieties are making their way through the regulatory pathways to daily practice. During this session, Dr. Stephen Lee, Associate Professor at Roseman’s College of Pharmacy, will discuss the features of some of these newly FDA-approved drugs, with the goal to help healthcare professionals better deliver successful medication therapy for their patients. Join us!


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Wednesday, Sept. 23 - Student Loan Strategies at 6 pm PDTWednesday, Oct. 21 - New Drug Update, Fall 2020 at 6 pm PDT


Past Presentations

COVID-19: Pathophysiology, Detection, and Treatment

In the inaugural presentation Roadrunner Resource Series, Dr. Manas Mandal, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, and a Fulbright Specialist will share the latest clinical information on COVID-19 that you need to know as a healthcare professional. Dr. Mandal’s expertise is immunology.

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