Mascots embody a visual representation of a university, reflecting the history, culture, or character of an institution – especially what is believed to be the defining characteristics of its students and alumni.

Founders’ Day 2018 at Roseman was an extra-special gathering on campus, because that was the day the University announced the new Roseman University Mascot: the Roadrunner!

After considering many suggestions, the Roseman University Board of Trustees voted in February of 2018 to adopt the Roadrunner as our official mascot. The fact that Roadrunners are indigenous to Nevada and parts of Utah was an important consideration. In fact, they’re frequently seen running through the parking lot of the Henderson campus!

Most importantly, the Board of Trustees believed that the qualities of the Roadrunner match well with Roseman students and alumni, because roadrunners are known for their:

  • Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Endurance
  • Resourcefulness

Roadrunners are also considered Medicine Birds by many Native American tribes in the southwest. The Hopi and other Pueblo tribes believed that the Roadrunner was a medicine bird that could ward off negative energy, and Roadrunner feathers were even used to decorate the cradles of their children to protect them.

To Native American tribes in Mexico, it was considered good luck to see a Roadrunner. That tradition holds true today, for every healthcare organization considers it good luck to hire a Roseman roadrunner!