Publishing Case Reports

By their nature, case reports are very compelling to the enquiring mind—almost like the gossip columns of the medical literature. Like gossip columns, case reports draw fascinating new connections using a litany of supporting data and observations, including photographic evidence. However, case reports have more rigorous reporting requirements, including peer review, and are (arguably?) more… Read More

Student Engagement

One frustration of teaching is when students don’t engage in activities that could improve their learning. The writer Max Leon Forman was credited with the quote “Education seems to be in America the only commodity of which the customer tries to get as little as he can for his money.” Dr. Karin Esposito of the… Read More

Thriving in the Workplace

We don’t read many news stories these days about employees thriving in the workplace. The buzzword is burnout—a term so highly circulated it has become trite. And yet it’s the word of resort when describing professionals who have grown weary and cynical in the face of enervating workplace challenges like angry, rude clientele, staffing shortages,… Read More

Learn more about Henderson PharmD Student Raven-Joie Reyes, 2021 Hero Scholarship Winner

Raven-Joie Reyes – Las Vegas, Nevada Raven-Joie Reyes has been an active volunteer in Las Vegas for more than a decade, serving Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, Three Square, American Cancer Society, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, and many more organizations. Volunteering in community clinics taught her that there was a large population of… Read More

Learn more about South Jordan Nursing Student Shabnum Hamidi, 2021 Hero Scholarship Winner

Shabnum Hamidi – Hayward, California Shabnum Hamidi’s experience with the Global Medical Brigades in Honduras contributed to her goal to become a pediatric nurse. While in Honduras, she provided health services such as taking vitals, triaging patients, and shadowed medical professionals serving a remote community. In addition to helping treat hundreds of patients, Hamidi and… Read More

Learn more about Henderson PharmD Student Dwayne Manzanillo, 2021 Hero Scholarship Winner

Dwayne Manzanillo, Las Vegas Born in the Philippines, Dwayne Manzanillo immigrated to Hawaii and eventually made his way to Las Vegas. For the past four years, he has been a high school biology teacher and performing arts advisor. He has dedicated his life to healthcare volunteer service, helping with homeless outreach and medical education, serving… Read More

Learn more about Henderson ABSN Student Je’na Givens, 2021 Hero Scholarship Winner

Je’na Givens, Las Vegas Je’na Givens worked as an educator in the Clark County School District and Las Vegas area private schools for five years before becoming a nutritionist with Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada WIC. Previously, Givens worked as an intern at the National Institute of Health (NIH) Immunology Research Laboratory, working closely with… Read More

Learn more about South Jordan Campus PharmD Student Rebecca Howard, 2021 Hero Scholarship Winner

Rebecca Howard, South Jordan From a very young age, Rebecca Howard dedicated herself to the service of others, donating time and money to youth causes, and serving as an organizer of various fundraising and educational initiatives as president of the Pre-Pharmacy Club at Salt Lake Community College, including organizing an on-campus flu shot clinic and… Read More