President’s Report – March 2020

Welcome to the March issue of SpectRUm. It is starting to feel like Spring outside. In Las Vegas, the cherry trees have begun to flower and in Utah, despite recent snowfall in the nearby mountains, temperatures are warming up. This Spring brings many good things. Our 20th Anniversary celebrations will be culminating with some great… Read More

The Final Push: 10 Habits to Prepare You for Post-Grad Life

You’ve studied hard, aced all of your exams (or most of them), and finally, graduation day is in sight. After completing your education at the Roseman University of Health Sciences, you’ll be fully prepared to take the next step in your career, whether that’s pursuing post-graduate education or entering the workforce. To make sure you’re… Read More

It Starts With a Vision: Our Mission at Roseman University

Dreams, life goals, personal and communal accomplishment — each of these things begins with a vision. This vision is of doing more, of improvement. Many people decide to attend an institution of higher learning as a part of seeing and acting upon a vision that they have for their lives. When designing a goal or… Read More

Campus Resources: How Roseman University Helps You Succeed

Success, for all people, comes in different forms. If you choose to go to (or already attend) Roseman University, it’s likely that success, for you, is defined in how well you can attend to the needs of others or facilitate assistance for members of your community. It’s likely that success, for you, is altruistic in… Read More

5 Organizational Tips to Help You Excel In Pharmacy School

The jobs that pharmacists perform are essential to the wellness of our society. They carry the responsibility of preparing, dispensing, and standardizing drugs. In a way, pharmacists are the proprietors of much of what constitutes public health. When it comes to attending the College of Pharmacy at Roseman University, we find that most students benefit… Read More

The History of Roseman University: A Timeline

Picture this: a 900 square foot office in Henderson, Nevada. Inside this office lives an idea: Pharmacy education can be and should be better. It should be able to produce highly-competent graduates with experience in their field before they graduate, and, upon graduation, these individuals should be sought after, no matter the job market. Seems… Read More

Starting Out: 10 Ways to Better Prepare for Nursing School

If you’ve just started nursing school or are a prospective student, you probably have some anxiety pertaining to how to prepare for it. Here, we list out ten of the most trusted tips to help you find success in your schooling. Study for Your Pre-Admission Test At Roseman University, we require our prospective students to… Read More