5 Organizational Tips to Help You Excel In Pharmacy School

The jobs that pharmacists perform are essential to the wellness of our society. They carry the responsibility of preparing, dispensing, and standardizing drugs. In a way, pharmacists are the proprietors of much of what constitutes public health. When it comes to attending the College of Pharmacy at Roseman University, we find that most students benefit… Read More

The History of Roseman University: A Timeline

Picture this: a 900 square foot office in Henderson, Nevada. Inside this office lives an idea: Pharmacy education can be and should be better. It should be able to produce highly-competent graduates with experience in their field before they graduate, and, upon graduation, these individuals should be sought after, no matter the job market. Seems… Read More

Starting Out: 10 Ways to Better Prepare for Nursing School

If you’ve just started nursing school or are a prospective student, you probably have some anxiety pertaining to how to prepare for it. Here, we list out ten of the most trusted tips to help you find success in your schooling. Study for Your Pre-Admission Test At Roseman University, we require our prospective students to… Read More

New Year, New Opportunities for Learning

As the new year approaches, we often find ourselves taking time to reflect on our lives and changes we want to make to improve ourselves in an effort to be successful. If you’re a Roseman student, your study habits and your level of mastery matter — they will affect your performance before graduation and ultimately… Read More

The Roseman University Difference: Our Classrooms

Reimagining learning — that’s the Roseman University way. We reimagine learning from the very beginning of your college career, starting with the structure of your learning environments and classrooms. By doing this, we’ve been able to generate some of the best, brightest, and most competent healthcare professionals, no matter if their area of study is… Read More

Roseman University College of Medicine To Present Community Town Hall Forum Focused on Clinical Affiliations and Patient Care Services

To inform the public on its plans for clinical affiliations and patient care services, Roseman University College of Medicine will host its third Community Town Hall Forum on Tuesday, September 27. Open to the public, the event takes place from 11:30 am to 1 pm at the university’s Summerlin Campus, located at One Breakthrough Way,… Read More

Roseman University Students Meet Rep. Jim Matheson

Congressman Jim Matheson stopped by the Roseman University campus in South Jordan today to visit with the students and tour the campus. He spent about 45 minutes in a discussion and Q&A session with students from Roseman’s College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and College of Dental Medicine. Several members of the faculty and staff… Read More

Upcoming College of Pharmacy Continuing Professional Education Events

APhA Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services Certificate Program Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services certificate training program is an active learning seminar in which participants practice a variety of communication techniques to elicit a patient’s medication experience and identify medication-related problems, using cases based on the real-life experience of MTM providers. This activity is conducted in… Read More

March 22: Love Utah/Give Utah

Today, Utahns will unite online for 24 hours of generosity. Residents throughout the state are encouraged to support their favorite organizations to celebrate nonprofits and raise awareness of the impact they have on their communities. Roseman, a 501(C)(3) non-profit, is participating in the Love Utah/Give Utah campaign, and we hope you will join in too.… Read More