Federal Work-Study (FWS) Students and Supervisors,

FWS students at most, but not all sites have been unable to continue working due to COVID-19 closures or work-from-home orders.  The US Department of Education has provided guidance that schools may continue to pay FWS their normal scheduled hours during these closures.  Roseman WILL continue to pay students who have already begun working a FWS position and whose site has been closed temporarily or issued a directive for employees to work-from-home.  If your site is open and allowing you to work, you MUST work the hours in order to get paid.  If you are uncomfortable working at this time, you are free to inform your Supervisor but, unfortunately, federal regulations do NOT allow us to pay your normal FWS hours.

In order to process payroll, you will be required to email financialaid@roseman.edu every other Monday (on normal payroll due dates) with the total number of hours you would have worked beginning with the pay period March 8 – March 21.  If you are an on-campus employee, you MUST cc your supervisor on that message since they will be required to validate those hours.  If your employer was closed during the week of March 8, you may include hours you would have worked during that week.  If your employer did not close until the week of March 16, you must submit a timesheet with your supervisors signature for the week of March 8, and a total of scheduled hours you would have worked for the week of March 16.  If your supervisor is not available to sign the timesheet for the week you actually worked, you will need to wait to submit that timesheet until you can obtain the required signature.

If your reported hours are significantly different than your previously paid hours, you will be required to provide specific detailed time that you would have worked, and your supervisor will be consulted before your pay is processed.  In addition, each Roseman academic program has a Professionalism policy, which covers falsifying FWS time.  If you are found to have violated this policy, you risk termination from your academic program and from the FWS program, as well as referral to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for investigation of federal funds fraud.

You will be sent a reminder email on Friday’s when emails are due the following Monday.  If you are not signed up for direct deposit for your FWS payroll, your paycheck will be mailed to the address on your W-4 form.

Please feel free to contact me or Gisela with any FWS questions.

Sally Mickelson, BA