Amir Mohajeri, PhD

Research Associate

Area of expertise

Statistics, Data analytics, Machine Learning, Mathematical Modeling


Amir Mohajeri is a seasoned researcher with a diverse background in data analysis and industrial engineering. Currently serving as a Research Associate in the College of Dental Medicine at Roseman University of Health Sciences, he is dedicated to advancing oral health research and improving outcomes through the application of data analysis techniques to dental record data. Amir’s expertise in data analysis stems from his previous role as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Idaho’s College of Engineering, where he specialized in developing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for biomass data analysis. Before his role in the United States, Amir served as an assistant professor of Industrial Engineering, leveraging his programming and coding skills to tackle real-world challenges. His multifaceted career journey reflects his unwavering commitment to utilizing data-driven approaches to address complex issues and drive meaningful impact in research and academia.


He holds a doctorate in Industrial Engineering with a minor in production planning and management from Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. His master’s and bachelor’s degrees are also in Industrial Engineering from Mazandaran University of Science and Technology and the University of Tabriz, Iran, respectively.

Research Interests

His main research interests are in Statistics and Data Science and their application to a variety of research questions.

Research Publications


1. Mohajeri A, Berg G, Watts A, Cheever VJ, Hung M. Obesity and Dental Caries in School Children. Journal of Clinical Medicine.2024;13(3):860.

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