Dietrich Lorke, MD, PhD



  • Board Certified Anatomist – State Anatomical Board Hamburg, Germany
  • Residency – Pathology (1 ½ years), Ruprecht Karl University, Heidelberg, Germany
  • PhD – Neuroanatomy, Hamburg University, Germany
  • MD – Ruprecht Karl University, Heidelberg, Germany


Dietrich Ernst Lorke joined Roseman College of Medicine as Professor of Anatomy in April 2023. His main responsibilities include the creation and equipment of the anatomy teaching facilities, the development and design of the anatomy education and its integration into the curriculum of the MD program. Previously, he had been Founding Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2019-2023), after being Professor of Anatomy at Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University (FIU), Miami, Florida (2009-2019), at UAE University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Al Ain (2006-2009) and at the University of Hamburg (1999-2005). He has also had eight appointments as Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dietrich E. Lorke has extensive teaching experience in the fields of Gross Anatomy, Histology, Cell Biology, Embryology and Neuroanatomy; he has demonstrated his managerial and administrative skills during the creation of the Anatomy programs in Al Ain, Miami and Abu Dhabi. His research focuses on Developmental Neuroanatomy, Blood-Brain-Barrier, Cholinergic Neurotransmission, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Clinically Applied Anatomy. He has received several research and teaching awards. Dietrich E. Lorke has authored more than 110 peer-reviewed research papers, over 90 oral and poster presentations and 10 book chapters. He is member of the American Association of Anatomists (AAA), American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA), Anatomical Society (Anatomische Gesellschaft) and the Society for Neuroscience.


  • Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Cell Biology
  • Embryology
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Clinical Anatomy


  • Developmental Neuroanatomy
  • Blood-Brain-Barrier
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Cholinergic Neurotransmission
  • Experimental Oximes
  • Clinically Applied Anatomy


  • Review Editor “Frontiers in Integrative Physiology”
  • Guest Editor “Frontiers in Neuroscience”
  • Editorial board of the journal “Neuroembryology and Aging” (2002-2009)
  • Editor of a special issue on “Development and Aging of the Vertebrate Visual System” in the Journal “Neuroembryology and Aging” (2006)
  • Reviewer for numerous international journals


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