Research Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended Roseman University’s 9th Annual Research Symposium on February 22, 2023 at our Henderson, Nevada and South Jordan, Utah campuses. The combined events featured 169 research posters and six podium presentations by Roseman students, residents, faculty, preceptors, and guests from other institutions in the surrounding region.

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Research Symposium Information & Programs

Interested in reading all of the abstracts for research showcased at this year’s Research Symposium?

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Podium Presenters

Albert Diep, PharmD
MountainView Hospital
Evaluating the appropriateness of initial febrile neutropenia treatment at an acute care hospital

Brian Decker, DMD
Roseman University College of Dental Medicine AEODO Residency Program
Evaluation of remineralization of white spot lesions with quercetin nanoparticles

Desiree Chong, PharmD Candidate 2024
Roseman University College of Pharmacy
Efficacy of implementing an end-of-day quiz and its impact on academic performance and student attendance in a three-year Doctorate of Pharmacy program

Research in Progress


1st Place
Danielle Valls
Roseman University College of Graduate Studies
Development of a Method for Detecting and Quantifying Epicatechin in Cinnamon Extract Supplement Capsules
2nd Place
Belinda Liu
Touro University Nevada – College of Medicine
Gastral Projections: Comorbidity of Cryptosporidiosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
3rd Place
Megan Farrell
Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Hospitals
Efficacy of Pharmacy Managed Conversion of Intravenous Insulin Infusion to Subcutaneous Insulin in Cardiac Surgery Patients

Student Presented Research


1st Place
Shreya Govindaraj
Coral Academy of Science
Impact of Progesterone Surge in Oral Health and Hygiene
2nd Place
Mehri Dolati
Roseman University College of Pharmacy
Exploring the Influence of Dopamine Using Caenorhabditis Elegans as an Experimental Model
3rd Place
Axel Rivas
UNLV College of Medicine
Hemorrhagic Septic Emboli and Ring Enhancing Lesions Mimicking Neurocysticercosis

Resident Presented Research

1st Place

Chi Xin Yao
MountainView Hospital
Antipsychotic use in the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment of delirium and agitation
2nd Place
Manar Alkahby
MountainView Hospital
Evaluation of nasal mupirocin use in intermediate medical care units at an acute care hospital
3rd Place
Gabrielle Szczeblowski
MountainView Hospital
Evaluating the appropriateness and compliance of heparin infusion protocols in an acute care hospital

Research Symposium Committee

Name Department
Kaylee Putney, Chair Pharmacy
Mickayla Clark, Past Chair Pharmacy
David Rawlins Pharmacy
Marife Aczon-Armstrong Nursing
Christopher So Pharmacy
Arup Chakraborty Pharmacy
Chike Okolo Pharmacy
Kimberly Jones-Rudolf AEODO
Emily Espanol Library
Tiffany Garrett Library
Dawn Benson Pharmacy
Kristi Singer Pharmacy
Jason Roth Communications

Due to a major Winter Storm, the live, on-campus event was canceled and research was presented virtually. As a result, no judging was not conducted and no awards were presented.

Podium Presenters

Edward Yeates, DMD Candidate 2024
Roseman University College of Dental Medicine
RAGE inhibition reduces TIMP and decreases cell invasion in cigarette Smoke extract (CSE) treated oral squamous carcinoma cells

Wyatt Magoffin
Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Medicine 

Heterodyned Whole-Body Vibration Ameliorates Anxiety in Opioid-Use Disorder

Ryan Wendt
Brigham Young University College of Life Sciences
Gestational dependent responses to secondhand smoke (SHS) in mouse pregnancies

Research Symposium Committee


Name Department
Danielle Gundrum, Chair Pharmacy
Scott Shipley Pharmacy
Shankargouda Patil Dental Medicine
Shamar Lejardi Nursing
Scott Park Library
Samuel Dyal Library
Rachel Thomas Marketing
Carson Wolf Communications
Sonny Gaul (Secretary) Pharmacy (student)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Howard L. McLeod, FASCO, FCCP
Executive Clinical Director - Precision Health, Intermountain Healthcare

Dr. Howard McLeod is an internationally recognized expert in precision medicine, having made novel contributions at the discovery, translation, implementation, and policy levels.  He is the Executive Clinical Director – Precision Health across the 7 state Intermountain HealthCare System.  Most recently he was Medical Director for Precision Medicine at the Geriatric Oncology Consortium and a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of South Florida.  Dr McLeod chaired the NHGRI eMERGE network external scientific panel for the past decade and was a recent member of both the FDA committee on Clinical Pharmacology and the NIH Human Genome Advisory Council.  Dr. McLeod has been recognized as a Fellow of both the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and was recently ranked #1 USA/#2 World for Pharmacogenomics.  He has also been an active Board Member and/or Founder for over a dozen privately held and publicly traded companies.  Howard has published over 590 peer-reviewed papers on pharmacogenomics, applied therapeutics, or clinical pharmacology and continues to work to advance innovative healthcare. 

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Danielle Gundrum – South Jordan Campus Symposium Chair –
Kaylee Putney– Henderson Campus Symposium Chair –

2022 Research Symposium

  • 1st place Research-In-Progress: Dr. Michael Trieu
  • 2nd place Research-In-Progress: Dr. Arianne Dagdag
  • 3rd place Research-In-Progress: Desiree Chong
  • 1st place Student-Presented Research: Alexander Koo
  • 2nd place Student-Presented Research: Kristheana Rico
  • 3rd place Student-Presented Research: Jeffrey Bezard
  • 1st place Resident-Presented Research: Dr. Tyler Green
  • 2nd place Resident-Presented Research: Dr. Ivy Yang
  • 3rd place Resident-Presented Research: Dr. Sunny Lee

Henderson Campus Program

Henderson Campus Abstract Book


  • 1st place Research-In-Progress: Nomikos Klonaris
  • 2nd place Research-In-Progress: Edward Yeates
  • 3rd place Research-In-Progress: Amani Sastry
  • 1st place Student-Presented Research: Rachel Morris
  • 2nd place Student-Presented Research: Carlos Moreno
  • 3rd place Student-Presented Research: Parker Gundersen

South Jordan Campus Program

South Jordan Campus Abstract Book



Henderson Campus


  South Jordan Campus


Mickayla Clark, PharmD, BCPS – Chair
College of Pharmacy
Claudia M. Tellez Freitas, PhD – Chair
College of Dental Medicine
Christopher So, PhD
College of Pharmacy
Tressa McMorris, PharmD, BCPS
College of Pharmacy
David B. Rawlins, PhD
College of Pharmacy
Amir Mohajeri, PhD
College of Dental Medicine
Arup Chakraborty, PhD
College of Pharmacy
Shamar Lejardi, RN, MSN-L
College of Nursing
Chike Okolo, PharmD, BCPS
College of Pharmacy
Scott Park, MLIS
Kristi Singer
College of Pharmacy
Samuel Dyal, MSLS
Dawn Benson
College of Pharmacy
Rachael Thomas
Kishore Chaudhry, MBBS, MD, DNB
College of Dental Medicine
Carson Wolf
Jené Hurlbut, RN, MSN, MS, PhD, CNE
College of Nursing
Anna Ferri, MLIS
Jason Roth, MBA


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