Hero Scholar: Baunya Young

Baunya Young of St. Paul, Minnesota is a Pharmacy Scholar supported by the Valley Health System. Since the age of seven, Baunya has been a steadfast supporter of her community, lending her time and energy to various initiatives. Her journey includes volunteering at farmers’ markets, contributing to the WE Day Minnesota program during middle school, and engaging in National Honor Society and Knight Crew leadership roles during high school. Beyond school, Baunya embraced leadership by advocating for education for Hmong youth and supporting Yaj vaj meng, a program guiding Hmong youth toward college. These experiences have shaped her understanding of diverse lives, their privileges, and their struggles. Her leadership journey evolved through sports, clubs, and work, emphasizing empathy, problem-solving, and accountability. Her commitment to integrity is fortified by the watchful eyes of her three younger brothers, compelling her to lead by example. Baunya envisions her leadership skills flourishing in the healthcare field and is enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Henderson campus.