Federal Work-Study For Employers

We appreciate your participation in this program and value the opportunity to develop partnerships to enrich our community. The Roseman University Federal Work-Study Student Employment Program is administered by the Office of Financial Aid. Every effort is made to unite the educational goals of Work-Study with the Roseman mission of collaborating with fellow educators and community members to provide a transformative blend of health-related arts, experiential, and career education that is so well integrated, empowering, and responsive to student needs that it emboldens them to pursue pathways to personal, professional, and community engagement that might otherwise have remained hidden or unattainable. Work-Study jobs can be excellent vehicles to gain skills and experiences that help students reach their career goals. Our promise to students who join us in making the most of this opportunity is that they will launch meaningful careers before graduation.

Health Career Professional Work-Study students are available for local community-based, non-profit, and/or governmental community service organizations. The Federal Work-Study Program is a means by which students may earn their student award by working in qualifying jobs in eligible organizations.

Roseman University of Health Sciences Financial Aid Office invites employers to partner with us as we become involved in the Federal Work-Study program. Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides qualified students with part-time employment as a portion of their financial aid package. By participating, employers can expect student wages to be paid in part by FWS dollars. Students may be employed for up to 25 hours per week by an organization that is either private or non-profit. If you are interested in employing student worker(s), please contact the Financial Aid Office at (702)968-1635 (Henderson Campus) or (801)878-1071 (Utah Campus) or via email at financialaid@roseman.edu.
Employers must complete the forms for employers to begin the FWS partnership:
  • Job Request Form
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • New Hire Job Notification Form (to be completed after student interviews)

Forms for Employers

Agency or Organization Participation Information
Roseman Work-Study Handbook
Job Request
Interview Form
Performance Evaluation
Termination Notice
Emergencies and Incident Reporting Procedures
Nevada Injury Report Form
Utah Injury Report Form