Please note that processing time for all documents is 3 to 5 business days, except during peak periods where processing will be longer. Peak periods are usually before and after summer break, before and after winter break, and after graduations. If you wish to verify if the office is at a peak period, please email registrar@roseman.edu.  For students/alumni that were enrolled/withdrawn/graduated from the ‘Nevada College of Pharmacy’ and/or the ‘University of Southern Nevada’ please note that all documentation issued will be under our current name of ‘Roseman University of Health Sciences’.

Our institution has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as our agent for all verifications of student enrollment. The university reports enrollment to the NSC on the 5th of every month and it can take two weeks to 30 days for the information to post.

Lenders can contact the NSC directly and pay a fee for each request (students cannot) to obtain current enrollment information. Roseman University participates in DegreeVerify. Third-party agencies can contact NSC directly and pay a fee for each request (students cannot) to obtain graduation information.

Henderson Campus Reference ID: 040653-00
South Jordan Campus Reference ID: 040653-01

Update Contact Information

Update your name, address or emergency contact. For name changes, please be sure to provide the appropriate legal documentation.

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Enrollment/Graduation Verification

Students/Alumni can request for verification of enrollment/graduation for Jury Duty, Childcare, Good Student Discount, etc. by completing this request.

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Students/Alumni can request for Transcripts by completing the form via the National Student Clearinghouse for Official or via the link below for Unofficial:

Official Transcripts: https://tsorder.studentclearinghouse.org/school/ficecode/04065300

Unofficial Transcripts: Click Here to Download and Save Form

FERPA Written Consent Waiver

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, establishes that a post-secondary student has the right to inspect and review his/her academic records and generally prohibits outside parties from obtaining the information contained in these records without the student’s written consent. However, a student may waive the right to review certain confidential information, for example, letters of recommendation placed in the student’s file.

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Duplicate Diploma/Certificate

Graduates can request for a reissue of a diploma and/or certificate (e.g., name change). The re-issued diploma/certificate will be printed exactly as the original except the current officers’ signatures will appear.

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Student ID Number Retrieval

Students/Alumni will need their student ID to complete request forms.

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State Licensing Boards and Licensure Disclosures

Licensure Disclosures
Dental Board
Nursing Board
Pharmacy Board