Roseman Policy on Student Health Insurance

Roseman University of Health Sciences policy requires that all students maintain health insurance during their entire enrollment at the University. Student Health Insurance coverage must be continuous from the date of enrollment through graduation, regardless of whether your academic schedule includes classroom instruction, online instruction, or participation in clinical rotations. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase health insurance to meet their needs; however, the insurance must meet the minimum program requirements listed below.

Minimum Program Insurance Requirements

  • Maximum benefit must be unlimited
  • Maximum $6,850 annual deductible
  • Maximum 80/20 in -network and 60/40 out-of-network coinsurance
  • Prescription coverage
  • A provider network in the Roseman area for primary care, specialty, hospital and diagnostic care
  • Mental health coverage
  • Coverage for the entire academic year, including summer and holidays
  • Coverage for annual exam
  • US Based health plan / Nationwide Coverage

2016-2017 Student Health Insurance Details

(Benefits, Cost, Find Doctors/Pharmacies, Print ID Card, and more!)

For questions regarding benefits or claims please contact United HealthCare Customer Service: 1-800-767-0700 or

For questions regarding enrollment, please contact Ascension Customer Service:
1-800-537-1777 or

Enrollment in Student Health Insurance

  • Continuing students
    • Enrolling dependents
    • Check the status of your enrollment with Ascension (for the 2015-2016 academic year)
    • Loss of previous coverage
      For any student who is involuntarily losing personal insurance coverage through a previous provider (turning 26, change in employer, marriage/divorce, etc.), and would like to enroll in the Student Heatlh Insurance Plan at a pro-rated cost, please follow the steps below:

        1. Request a “termination of coverage” letter from your previous provider at least two weeks in advance of loss of coverage.
        2. Email and attach a copy of the termination letter and state your request to enroll in the Student Health Insurance.
        3. Payment will be made directly to Roseman University Bursar’s Office.
          IMPORTANT NOTICE: There can be no gaps in coverage from the loss of your previous coverage to when you are enrolled in another eligible insurance plan. Failing to follow this policy could lead to your dismissal from your program.

      Involuntary Loss of Previous Coverage for Eligible Spouse/Dependents

        1. Eligible spouse/dependents may enroll in the student health insurance due to involuntary loss of other coverage. However, the premium will not be pro-rated. Payment for the full academic year, according to the student’s program, will be required in one lump sum). For the current academic year’s costs, please visit the student health insurance details section.
    • Continuation of coverage after graduation
      Any student who has been enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan at least 90 days prior to his/her graduation date, has the option for a continuation of coverage for up to 90 days. More information and instructions for enrolling in this continuation privilege can be found on our broker’s website (under “Enrollment Options” at the bottom of the page). Application must be made and premium must be paid directly to United HealthCare StudentResources and be received within 14 days after the expiration date of the of the student coverage.
  • New or readmitted students

Request Waiver for Student Health Insurance

Continuing students (Re-opening for 2016-2017 academic year in May for P2s, and May/June for all other continuing students)