Tips to Avoiding Weight Gain This Holiday Season

Many people each year approach the holiday season with some anxiety, especially those who carefully watch their weight. It seems as if almost all of the focus this time of year is on eating. Trying to keep up a holiday spirit while simultaneously resisting all of the fattening goodies can be very stressful.

Is gaining weight an inevitable part of the holidays? Are you doomed to face the new year with unwanted pounds and inches? Not if you follow these tips.

Eat Before You Go

You know that the party table will be laden with tempting and delicious things; you also know that these things are likely to make you gain weight. But what if you’ve already eaten at home? You can fill up on the healthy food you keep in your own cabinets and refrigerator, then when you go to the party, you won’t be as hungry so you can just have a small taste of the party indulgences. Carry a glass of sparkling water with a lime slice in it, focus on the conversation instead of the food, and you’ll find yourself having a great time.

Bring Something to the Occasion

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or an office party, you can bring something with you that is both healthy and attractive, such as a big, beautiful salad or a new vegetable recipe. That way you’ll know in advance that there will something on the table for you that’s much better than a second helping of mashed potatoes.

Don’t Overdo Dessert

Oh that lovely pumpkin pie, or those amazing holiday cookies! Holiday desserts are part of the fun, but don’t give in to the thinking that more is better. Enjoy a dessert now and then, but leave a little on the plate and don’t take seconds just because it’s there.

Take More Walks

Yes, you’re busy. But taking a walk can not only clear your head and make you more productive, it can also keep you away from nibbling on unhealthy holiday snacks. Resolving that for the holiday period, you will spend a little more time exercising each week will make you feel so much better. And your biggest reward will come when you step on the scale on January 1 and discover you’re still on track with your health goals.