Incorporate Cultural Competency in Your Practice this Winter with Roseman University Library’s Cultural Competency Guide

cultural competency‘Tis the season for ice, snow, and peppermint flavored everything, but did you know that the winter months are also the most hectic for healthcare professionals? Studies show that December is especially busy as patients of all backgrounds hurry to take advantage of expiring health benefits or as the flu season sets in. As you see a diverse group of patients, you may want to hone your cultural competency skills using the University Library’s Cultural Competency guide

While familiarity with different cultures’ health beliefs is interesting in itself, it is especially important for health care professionals to understand how these beliefs can impact patient outcomes. Appreciating, for example, what a patient believes is the cause of their illness can alter both their understanding of any proposed medical solutions and their likelihood of sticking to them long term. By approaching patient care through a culturally informed lens, practitioners can provide care that is sensitive to any traditional practices.

No matter your information preference, we’ve got a medium for you. The guide itself is structured by the format of each resource.

  • Our Websites and Databases page is broken down into three subcategories of external sites: general resources, specific topics, and specific groups.
  • The Articles page covers various aspects of cultural competency such as alternative medicine, coining, death practices, etc.
  • The Books page lists all relevant books within the Library’s collection with links to our online catalogue.
  • Our Videos page connects you with lectures and tutorials on cultural competency and its impact on healthcare.
  • Our Statistics Resources page offers links to cultural data collected by organizations such as the CDC and the National Cancer Institute.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the guides or library resources, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Happy Holidays, Roseman community!

Tia Parry
Library Assistant

Roseman University