Like Mother, Like Son – Mother and Son Graduate from Roseman’s Nursing Program 9 Years Apart

Jeanne Javinar, RN, graduated from Roseman’s Nursing Program in 2008 and nine years later had the honor of pinning her son Aaron Javinar, RN, at his Roseman Pinning Ceremony in 2017. nursing

“I had mixed emotions during that day,” said Jeanne. “I was happy that he finally made it, but at the same time I wished Aaron’s father was there so he could witness his son’s achievement.”

The Pinning Ceremony is centered around the Nursing Pin which dates back to the 11th century and has significant meaning to those individuals graduating from nursing school. In the 11th century various military and religious orders of hospitallers who cared for the sick and wounded Crusaders were honored with badges. Later in the 1860s, Florence Nightingale devoted herself to caring for casualties of the Crimean War. In recognition of her service, she was awarded The Cross of St. George. Florence then extended the honor by presenting a medal of excellence to the most deserving student graduates at The Nightingale School of Nursing – London. Today, nursing schools around the world give a Nursing Pin to represent a medal of excellence to their student nurses upon graduation. Each school of nursing pin has its own distinct design which represents the symbols, colors and phrases that illustrate the mission and philosophy of the school.

nursing “Pinning is a very important ceremony in a nursing student’s life,” said Aaron. “So, to have a very important family member in your life be able to do the pinning was an amazing opportunity and feeling. I was very grateful to have had that chance, especially since it felt like a rite of passage in a way, since my mom is an alumnus of Roseman as well.”

Although both Jeanne and Aaron graduated from Roseman’s Nursing Program, they didn’t always want to be nurses.

Jeanne explains, “I don’t know what made me decided to become a nurse. I do believe that God had a plan for me that I needed to become a nurse to be able to take care of my husband who was diagnosed with Cancer in 2010.”nursing

Aaron had gone to school for a different health related field, but determined it wasn’t for him. “After working as a scribe in the ER and working with many nurses and nurse practitioners, I had decided to look into nursing as a career, in addition, my mom’s influence gave me the extra motivation which really helped me with the decision to pursue nursing, and so far, I am 100 percent happy that I did,” said Aaron.

Jeanne and Aaron each enjoyed their experiences at Roseman. Aaron explains that his experience at Roseman was excellent. His mother goes on to explain that her experience at Roseman helped her develop herself as a person and gain a sense of professionalism. Roseman challenged her to achieve her goals in life.

These Roseman graduates have big plans for the future. Aaron plans to get as much experience as a nurse on the floor and work his way up to working in the Emergency Department and then later down the line get his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in psychiatric mental health. His mother, Jeanne, plans to pursue her Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner (MSNFNP).

Roseman wishes these two alumni the best of luck as they pursue their personal and educational goals.

Rachael Wadley, MBA
Marketing Director
Roseman University of Health Sciences