The Roseman University Difference: Our Classrooms

Reimagining learning — that’s the Roseman University way. We reimagine learning from the very beginning of your college career, starting with the structure of your learning environments and classrooms. By doing this, we’ve been able to generate some of the best, brightest, and most competent healthcare professionals, no matter if their area of study is in Dentistry, Pharmacy or Nursing.

So how do we reimagine learning? The fundamental basis of our educational system here at Roseman University is our Educational Philosophy.  

The Roseman Philosophy

At Roseman University, we believe in:

  • An educational system in which all students can attain high levels of achievement
  • An educational experience that goes beyond memorization
  • A method of assessment that’s designed to detect and correct
  • An allocation of time that uses it to its maximum potential
  • The implementation of a curricular design that allows for early exposure to real-world experience
  • An experience that encourages teamwork and communication
  • A curriculum that utilizes and is enhanced by technology

We implement this philosophy into every one of our students’ learning experiences here at Roseman University by using a unique learning model titled, the “Six-Point Mastery Learning Model.”

Six-Point Mastery Learning Model

Our Six-Point Mastery Learning Model consists of the tenets of education that we find to be the most important. These are:

  • Block Curriculum
  • Active and Collaborative Learning
  • Competency-Based Education
  • Assessment Learning
  • Early Experiential Learning
  • Classroom As Teacher

Using these six points as a way to organize the way our students learn allows us to encourage an experience-based education, initiate active learning scenarios, reimagine the professor as a facilitator (rather than a lecturer), and ensure the overall competency of soon-to-be healthcare professionals.

To learn more about the tenets that support our educational philosophy visit our Six-Point Mastery Learning Model page.

Become Competent in Your Field

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