Summerlin Report – Winter 2018

As Chancellor of the Summerlin Campus, I have shared the good news with you of the start of the College of Medicine’s first medical practice. Since Roseman Medical Group (RMG) opened its doors in January 2018, two more physicians have joined RMG, with added support personnel.  In this month of December, another neurologist will join the College of Medicine and RMG. 

In addition, the College of Medicine (COM) continues to add more components that will bring us closer in pursuit of accreditation with the LCME.  The month of October provided another step of support for the growing College of Medicine – the accreditation of the first Family Medicine Residency Program for the Valley Health System. Valley has claimed our COM as its primary academic partner.  College of Medicine faculty member and Department Chair of Family Medicine, Dr. Tom Hunt, is the Residency Program Director of this new program.

Our newest faculty member and RMG physician, Dr. Chrissy Quartuccio-Carran, is the Associate Director.  This residency will begin with 10 residents, increasing with 10 per year for a total of 30 Family Medicine residents over three years. Why is this significant? Research has shown that approximately 70% of residents stay in or near the areas where they did their residency.  This portends good things for Nevada over the next decade as we expect an increase in the presence of Family Medicine in the valley.

In November, the Summerlin Campus welcomed our last DiscoverMED cohort for this year, Jim Bridger Middle School.  The Clark County School District is beginning to find places in their curriculum to allow some of their schools to participate in DiscoverMED.   DiscoverMED is a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ endeavor, designed by one of the COM faculty, Ken Rosenthal, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Sciences. This program reaches into the heart of this community and touches the lives of many school children. It is unquestionably one of the finest, concentrated efforts that brings Roseman’s name to the community. Imagine how many lives we have touched! With all of the student guests (337+), and volunteer external faculty and physicians, we have spent the day with more than 350 members of the community, and the ripple effect of word-of-mouth conversations of this experience carries the message of Roseman even further. That, coupled with our COM Social Media endeavor, is additive in getting Roseman’s name before the Nevada community and beyond due to the exponential nature of social media. There are many ways to “get Roseman’s name out there,” and this is one solid way of doing so.

In closing, please remember to visit the College of Medicine’s twitter feed: @RosemanMedicine to keep up to date on its many activities too numerous to mention here.

Finally, I wish for you, your family, and friends a holiday time filled with what matters most to you now, and the Breakthroughs you desire for the future.


Mark A. Penn, MD, MBA
Chancellor – Summerlin Campus
Roseman University of Health Sciences