New Year, New Opportunities for Learning

As the new year approaches, we often find ourselves taking time to reflect on our lives and changes we want to make to improve ourselves in an effort to be successful.

If you’re a Roseman student, your study habits and your level of mastery matter — they will affect your performance before graduation and ultimately your success in your professional field. Success starts with a plan and at Roseman University we help our students succeed. If your New Year’s resolution is to excel in each of your blocks and become the best healthcare professional you can be post-graduation, the first step is to develop excellent study habits.

Developing Excellent Study Habits

Studying is different for everyone — we know that. While at Roseman you will be tested on a abundance of subjects. You will learn new information while in your didactic courses and apply that knowledge while in clinical. Your success in didactic and clinical is dependent on your ability to learn and master the information you’ve been taught. Having excellent study habits will help you pass an exam, achieve a successful outcome or provide an accurate diagnosis.  

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for a becoming a successful studier:

Do Your Readings

The readings that are assigned to you in your classes give you a foundation for the rest of your college career and professional life. Taking the time to read and truly comprehend what is written will help you a lot in the long run.

Review Your Notes

As you’re reading and spending time in lectures, notes will help you retain information at a higher rate. Writing your notes by hand can even be more beneficial. Do what works best for you, but as you review your notes, be mindful to take in the information and synthesize it before any testing.

Find Your Study Spot (or a Few)

If you find a place that makes you comfortable and lets you get into the zone every time you return, you’ve probably found your place. Chances are, though, that if it’s a great place, other people know about it too. Search around for a backup study spot so that you always can focus the way you need to.

Make a New (Study) Friend

Friends are great to have — not only for support, but for accountability as well. Have someone that you can vent to or confide in when you find yourself having a difficult time, either academically or otherwise.


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine showed that getting plenty of sleep is vital to academic success. The study showed that after just two weeks of sleeping six hours or fewer a night, one performs and feels similarly to someone who went without sleep for 48 hours. Make sure you get enough sleep each night — it’ll help you in the long run.

Using some of these tips can help you position yourself for success — not only in the classroom, but in your professional life. They will keep you grounded and give you a better understanding of the work you are doing.

Take Advantage of the New Year!

The start of the new year is a great time to implement better lifestyle decisions and better study habits. At Roseman University, we want you to experience all of the success you can and become one of the best health professionals in your field. Make the best of the coming year, happy New Year, and good luck studying!