Campus Resources: How Roseman University Helps You Succeed

Success, for all people, comes in different forms. If you choose to go to (or already attend) Roseman University, it’s likely that success, for you, is defined in how well you can attend to the needs of others or facilitate assistance for members of your community. It’s likely that success, for you, is altruistic in nature, and that helping people is your main priority.

At Roseman University, success, for us, is defined by the way that we can ready individuals to become an active and positive addition to the healthcare system they in which they serve.

So how do we help you get there?

We provide a range of both academic and financial resources for students in their time spent at Roseman. Let’s touch on some highlights of the resources we provide for our students:


Having high-quality academic resources can be a tremendous benefit for students looking to get the most out of their university experience. At Roseman, we offer many academic materials to help you succeed, including the following:

  • Extensive Library

Our library is catered to Business, Dental Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy students. The literature within is up to date but also functions as a place where students can read about the historical foundations of their discipline.

Students have access to articles, books, e-Books, journals, as well as online databases all via their Roseman University student-level access. If there is a text that is not available, we offer an inter-library loan program where you can request texts from other institutions.

  • Technology

Technologically speaking, we give students access to a range of hardware and softwares, telecommunications systems, and multimedia. We also offer a variety of purchase programs via Dell, Apple, Adobe, Office Depot, and more.


For most people, paying for an education is likely one of the largest investments of their entire life. We understand this, and we always aim to assist both students deserving and in need of financial aid. We do this through a range of programs including:

  • Scholarships
  • Financial Aid Loans
  • Federal Work-Study Programs

We are dedicated to helping you find success in your academic and professional life. Are you wondering about a resource that we may not have covered in this blog? Contact us for more information, or consider speaking with one of your advisors for more on this topic.