A Smarter Way to Spend Your Summer Break

With the sun-filled days of summer rapidly approaching, we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage our students to take advantage of the break in the academic calendar to recharge for the approaching new academic year. Rather than wasting the entire summer break lounging by the pool, we’d like to suggest a few smarter ways to spend your time outside of the classroom.

Travel & Experience New Cultures

For the current and prospective students of Roseman University, voyaging to new places to immerse into foreign cultures is an exciting way to gain knowledge about the world outside of an academic setting. This summer, ask yourself one question. If there was any place in the world which you have the means of visiting, where would you go?

By traveling to places you’ve never been before, you’ll benefit from all of the new things you’ll see and do. Whether that means learning a new language, soaking in local art, or trying exotic foods; the adventure will be well worth the effort.

Exercise Your Mind & Body

Though the easiest thing to do all summer break is kick back and relax every day, it’s essential to use that time to take care of both your physical and mental health. Whether you get back into the swing of things at the gym, start going for bike rides, or begin practicing mindful meditation; these are just a few examples of daily actions to get yourself prepared for next academic year’s studies.

Here are a Few Other Ways to Stay Sharp This Summer:

●     Begin Writing a Blog

●     Set Reading Goals

●     Visit Local Museums

●     Take Morning/ Evening Walks

●     Eat Healthier

●     Set a Sleep Schedule (and follow it!)

●     Start a Book Club

●     Create an Academic Game Plan

We encourage all of our current and future students to take care of themselves above all else this summer so they can set themselves up for the highest degree of success once the school year starts back up again.

Give Back to Your Community

Another fun and fulfilling way to spend part of your summer break should be getting more actively involved with the members of your community. No matter if you schedule out some time to help out the less fortunate at the local soup kitchen or if you take on a mentoring role with the local Boys & Girls Club, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved in your neighborhood. These actions of helping others are not only a more productive way to spend summer afternoons, but they also look great on a resume.

After you graduate from Roseman University of Health Sciences, whether you’re planning on moving on to obtain a graduate degree or heading straight into the workforce, it’s important to note that interviewers are looking for the most well-rounded candidates to bring on board. By sacrificing the urge to be lackadaisical during break, you’ll be putting the right foot forward down the path to success, bettering yourself personally and academically